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Benefits of Using Concrete as a Feature in Your Next Project


Traditionally, concrete has been the material of choice in warehousing and industrial builds however today, more and more projects are using cement or exposed concrete to modernise a space. In recent times it can often be seen in commercial projects such as restaurants, cafes, and retail spaces where it is used as a feature on surfaces such as walls, floors, tiles, ceilings and even sinks and bench tops to bring about an industrial and edgy feel.

Below are some benefits in getting the most out of exposed concrete surfaces:


Using concrete does not mean the complimenting features need to be similar in colour and style. One of the benefits of using this popular material is that it acts as a blank canvas and is extremely versatile – it is often best matched with diverse textures and colours, like timber, metal/iron, greenery and varied colour palettes from subtle tones to bold strikes of colours.

Benefits of Using Concrete as a Feature in Your Next Project

Easy to maintain

Many people are opting for concrete applications in an interior because it is so easy to maintain. For example, polished concrete has become a popular application in commercial spaces as it is very resistant to stains, non-absorbent and low allergenic. Cement flooring is becoming a popular choice in high-traffic areas due to its effective slip ratings whether dry or wet. No matter what application you’re deciding to use, it is crucial to remember that the surface needs to be properly stained, sealed and polished.

Benefits of Using Concrete as a Feature in Your Next Project

Long term cost-effectiveness

Although the initial application of concrete into a space can be pricey, costs are saved over the lifetime of the product. It is an extremely low maintenance material requiring very little cleaning – often just a wet mop or cloth run over a surface will do the trick. Because of its durable nature it saves money on replacing or upgrading surfaces. It also has thermal benefits saving end uses money on energy bills.

To learn more about the benefits of concrete in design consult with an interior designer, architect or concrete specialist on Archify.

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