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Power to the People: Create Your Own Bespoke Colour


Empowered by digital technology, consumers have higher than ever expectations of brands and are demanding a more personalised service or product. Furthermore, consumers want to be actively involved in the process and feel like they have control over their experiences and interactions with brands.

We are living in the age of personalisation where the personal experience is becoming an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers and differentiate themselves from their competition.

One brand that has embraced the age of personalisation is paint specialist Taubmans who offer customers the option to curate their own personal paint colour through their new design tool Coloursmith. Coloursmith, an app, website and reader, helps designers create their very own bespoke colour from anywhere in the world. Simply upload a photo of the colour you desire and Coloursmith will create your custom hue and send you a sample directly to your door.

Discover a few ways you can use this nifty tool to create the interior of your dreams, or reality.

Let your environment inspire you with the Coloursmith app

Do you ever go wandering in nature and think, ‘if only I could recreate this feeling of calm in my interior’? Do you love browsing vintage stores and discovering items reminiscent of times long passed? Or perhaps you enjoy exploring restaurants and bars when visiting a new country, captivated by their vibrant atmosphere and ceramics? With the Coloursmith app in your back pocket, you can transform glimpses of your environment into an interior reality! Simply capture the colour in your surroundings and upload it to the Coloursmith app. Identify the colour in your image that you wish to re-create and let coloursmith work its magic. You will be given an option to save and name your unique colour. Write your own unique colour story and share with your friends or colleagues. You can even explore intensity levels or harmonious colour combinations. It’s colour on the go!

Power to the People: Create Your Own Bespoke Colour

Bring your mood boards to life with the Coloursmith website

Do you enjoy collecting images of your favourite projects or products to add to your mood boards? Whether you are intrigued by the green-tiled ceilings in the popular Kong Kong restaurant John Anthony or you are intoxicated by the warm, organic environment created in the wellness retreat O-Studio, the Coloursmith tool can transform any reference into a reality. Simply upload your image to the Coloursmith website, identify which colour you wish to replicate and sit back and watch the magic unfold. Order a test pot online or take your unique QR code into your local paint store.

Power to the People: Create Your Own Bespoke Colour

Let objects guide you with the Coloursmith reader

Let your favourite objects guide your next colour creation. Explore how that delicate ceramic glaze would look on a kitchen cabinet or how that strange purple animal statue you bought at a market in Soho would look on a feature wall. Perhaps it’s genius or maybe these colours look best in small pops of colour only. You will only know if you try. So grab the Coloursmith reader and scan your object. This tool offers pin-point precision with its own LED light source and tri-stimulus XYZ sensor for superior colour matching power. Power to the people!

Power to the People: Create Your Own Bespoke Colour

Breanne Iredell
Breanne Iredell is the Content Developer for Archify. She coordinates the content creation and publishing on Archify and Archify Now as well as the development of online CPD presentations and education materials. Breanne holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Western Australia.
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