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ARCHIFYNOW > PROJECT > THE VAULT Understated Elegance with a SemiGallery Feel

THE VAULT : Understated Elegance with a Semi-Gallery Feel

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Project Name
Completion Date
September 2022
Size Area
260 Sqm
Architecture Firm
Insignio Studio (Adianto Salim)
Architecture Principal
Ricky Guna Kusuma
Talenta Interior
Hans Havilah Song
The client is a passionate art collector who acquired a newly launched unit in the Pakubuwono Menteng Private Residence. They have been living and working back and forth from Semarang to Jakarta, and they were thrilled to be close to the center of Jakarta in a more tight-knit community. They appointed Insignio Studio to create the interior design for the apartment.

The client’s bought paintings from a close friend who is also a famous artist to assist with his health treatment. Insignio Studio meticulously selected and arranged material, paintings, artifacts, and memorabilia to create a focal point, with artwork placement serving as the centerpiece of the design.

The design concept applied in this project is a contemporary style with rich textures and colors that complement the existing art collection and create an elegant impression. The overall message conveyed in this project is a celebration of art and design, with each room curated to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The transitions and themes of one room to another are carefully crafted to enhance the dwellers living experience. The use of different materials, colors, and textures creates a striking color play that makes the apartment a pleasure to live in.

THE VAULT : Understated Elegance with a Semi-Gallery Feel

The apartment project is design with the main purpose of providing the homeowners with a cozy and comfortable living space that feels like a home away from home. A home as gathering haven for children and extended families to come home to was a crucial consideration in the design process, with the aim of creating an intimate and warm atmosphere that encourages spending time with loved ones.

Main objective was to reflect the homeowners’ personal tastes and individuality through the design. This approach resulted in a modern and curated home that showcases the art collection of the passionate art collectors. From an environmental perspective, the project also focuses on sustainability by incorporating efficient design and easy-to-maintain materials. By reducing waste and minimizing the need for constant repairs and replacements, the project aims to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Moreover, the integration of natural light and the panoramic view of the city is another aspect of the design that highlights the beauty of the local surroundings. Large windows with panoramic views of the city face the National Monument, allowing natural light to fully illuminate the space. This feature adds a sense of connection to the environment and enhances the overall living experience of the homeowners. It is not only to provide comfortable living space but also to reflect the homeowner’s individuality and contribute to a more sustainable future.

THE VAULT : Understated Elegance with a Semi-Gallery Feel

The integration of local artwork into the interior design of the apartment reflects the client’s appreciation for the cultural values of the region. The use of paintings from local artists such as Made Kedol, AS. Munadi, I Nyoman Tjakra, and Cheng Sui not only adds a touch of authenticity to the space but also helps to support the local art scene.

Made Kedol, for instance, is known for his huge Barong paintings that hang in the vestibule, while the golden-yellow color of the rice fields painting in the living room captures the essence of the local landscape. These paintings are carefully curated and placed to create a semi-gallery feel, allowing the artwork to be appreciated as the centrepiece of the apartment. By showcasing these artworks in the design, the apartment not only creates a unique and personalized atmosphere but also promotes the value of cultural heritage and local artist talent.

In designing residential houses, Insignio Studio emphasizes the importance of efficient design and personal touch. Insignio Studio faces challenge with the strict rules from the building management that requires all materials used in the building to be sustainable, environmentally responsible, easy to maintain, and of high quality.

THE VAULT : Understated Elegance with a Semi-Gallery Feel

We carefully select textile materials, wallpapers, and special wall paints that offer several advantages for easy maintenance. These materials not only ensure the longevity of the interior design but also contribute to the sustainability of the project by reducing waste and minimizing the need for constant repairs and replacements. By adhering to these strict standards, Insignio Studio demonstrate our commitment to excellence and their dedication to meeting the needs of their clients and the environment.

Home should be a personalized, inspiring space that reflects the individuality of its occupants. This apartment showcases the art collection of the homeowners, which serves not only as a source of inspiration but also as a reminder of their personal journey ad values.

Moreover, the commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is also an important aspect of the design, with the use of easy-to-maintain, high-quality materials that reduce waste and the integration of natural light to highlight the beauty of the surroundings. Overall, this project reminds us that a home should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and conscious of its impact on the environment.

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