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CONWOOD INDONESIA We believe that by using less natural wood, the world will remain as beautiful as it is today. Conwood is a leading force for innovation in the Fiber-cement industry, and is constantly devising products for a better world. We have employed technological expertise from Switzerland to develop environmentally friendly practices. We trust that human well-being and natural environment are inevitably interconnected. Conwood products are invented as part of our vision of “sustainable innovation for a sustainable world.” We desire to keep the world alive by conserving trees and preserving the quality of the air we share. Such strong intent inspires Conwood’s core mission: to develop, produce, and present innovative wood substitutes that can serve people’s needs perfectly. We craft high quality products holistically, so that people need not to cut down any more trees for construction purposes. Conwood focuses on its vision to inspire people with its products. We aim to lead by example and support environmentally friendly construction practices. We also intend to help people to build and believe in a green future for our planet. Conwood makes premium wood-replacement products that are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, and are created using advanced Swiss technology. Conwood products are beautiful, durable, termite-proof and incombustible, all the while maintaining the look of real, authentic wood. Conwood products can be applied to either outdoor or indoor decoration areas of both residential and commercial buildings. Conwood makes eaves, lath, wall, floor, fences and other decorative items. We believe that by using Conwood wood-replacement products, you are healing the world to stay beautiful for future generations Decorative innovation for a beautiful world.

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