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About Granito

PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito showcases the technology and “know how” that created one of the world’s best performing homogenous floor and wall tiles under license from Australian Building Ceramics Pty Ltd.

PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito was established in 1995 by Djabesmen Group, a local group well known in the building products industry. Operators of several brand leaders, the group has invested substantially in Granitoguna’s success.

Granito™ tiles feature in some of the region’s most prestigious developments. From Mass Transit railway stations in Hong Kong to shopping malls in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta, to prestigious SAAB, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes car showrooms. From the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics to international airports, Granito is a brand sought after by the world’s best architects and builders.

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