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Heartfelt Ceiling - The ceiling that had to be made

24 Jun 2022 by Hunter Douglas

Felt making has been a popular method of creating textiles for thousands of years. Felt’s unique, tough structure and soft appearance means that designers continue to view felt as an intriguing material for clothing, furniture, fashion accessories and household items. Inspired by both felt and designers, Hunter Douglas Architectural created the ceiling that had to be made: HeartFelt®. A modular felt ceiling system with incredible acoustics and a unique appearance. A design that delights both eyes and ears and has sustainability at its core.

Heartfelt Ceiling - The ceiling that had to be made

HeartFelt®’s linear felt ceiling panels are boxshaped and clip easily to the specially designed carriers. Since the panels are available in seven shades of grey, ranging from white to black, and five magnificent earth tones, interesting patterns can be created. By varying the placement of the panels and the ceiling system, the ceiling is able to play a crucial role in the overall interior design.

The ceiling as an acoustic mixing board

With the HeartFelt® ceiling system, Hunter Douglas is providing architects, installers and building owners with an advanced system that allows them to precisely manage the acoustics of every space. Felt’s sound-absorbing properties in combination with the design of the panels, the space between the panels and the height at which the ceiling system is hung, determine how sound moves throughout the space. HeartFelt® can help to create a pleasant workspace or learning environment and contribute to increased productivity.

The ceiling as a creative canvas

HeartFelt®’s linear felt ceiling panels are boxshaped and clip easily to the specially designed carriers. Since the panels are available in five shades of grey, ranging from white to black, and five magnificent earth tones, interesting patterns can be created. In addition to the 55-mm panels, the grey tones are also available for 80 and 105-mm panels. By varying the placement and heights of the panels and the ceiling, the ceiling is able to play a key role in the overall interior design.

Ceilings as a sustainability standard

The linear felt ceiling panels that comprise HeartFelt® are made of non-woven, thermoformed PES fibers. No finishing coat is applied to the panels, making the panels 100% recyclable. The carriers (aluminium) and hangers (galvanised steel) are 100% recyclable.

Heartfelt Ceiling - The ceiling that had to be made

Heartfelt in a nutshell

  • Modular ceiling systems with felt panels
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Visually integrates the ceiling and wall into the interior design
  • 100% recyclable, sustainable material
  • Patented product
  • Patented manufacturing technology
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to maintain: dirt and dust resistant

Hunter Douglas
The Netherlands
Hunter Douglas celebrated it’s 100 years of establishment in 2019. Over the years Hunter Douglas has maintain its position as the world leader in window coverings and major manufacturer of architectural products. The world of architecture and design communities have specified and contributed to our tradition of bringing breakthrough products to markets, which had made Hunter Douglas the company of choice for array of projects’ solutions, including innovative systems for metal ceilings, exterior sun louvers and facades. Synonym with our current tag line “100 years of Innovation” , in the last 2 decades alone, Hunter Douglas had also added textile and non-woven materials into our ceiling system program, EOS intelligent sun control into the sun louver program and terracotta NBK façade systems to complement the existing aluminium façade program.From the projects’ specification stage to complete installation, we have worked with architects, designers and builders to manage the Design, Functionality and Comfort of the projects, either high rise or low, big or small development and exterior or interior application with acoustics performance. Our expertise in customization, fabrication, installation and technical support, deliver outstanding products and systems for our design hallmark of outstanding functional and aesthetic performance with exceptional durability and long lasting. Hunter Douglas commitment to sustainability and responsible development are evidenced by our continuous efforts to address green environmental concerns, improve production processes, eliminate waste and reduce maintenance cost.The Hunter Douglas portfolio includes thousands of high-profile and landmark projects around the world, from retails; to corporate and commercial buildings, to major airports, transit centres and other public transport facilities; to hospitality, health care and education buildings as well as facilities at public spaces and sports stadium etc. With Hunter Douglas major operational centres and sales offices located in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, they provide us an unmatched worldwide presence to continue supporting our business partners and customers globally with products and system flexibility as well as adaptable to each respective local market requirements.The Hunter Douglas Group has its Head Office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and a Management Office in Lucerne, Switzerland. The Group is comprised of 134 companies with 47 manufacturing, 87 assembly plants and marketing organizations in more than 100 countries. Hunter Douglas Group employs about 25,000 people worldwide with USD 3.6 billion sales in 2019.


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