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About Jati & Teak

We are a high quality Timber Producer that are able to supply our clients with a wide variety of timber and wood products of high quality and numerous specifications. ​We are ready to bring into reality your ideas and requirements, be it for Interior and Exterior projects. We provide all kinds of high quality wood – such as Ironwood (Ulin), Teak wood (Jati), and Rosewood (Sonokeling) – paired with high level of craftmanship and attention to details.

Our History

Jati & Teak is a division of Karya Bangun Jaya (KBJ), a local company which has been focusing on the Timber Industry for Constructions since the 1980s. KBJ supplies all kinds of timber and wood for a wide variety of construction projects, ranging from Ulin, Meranti, Bengkirai and Tembalun wood. We have all kinds of timbers, each with their own unique specifications and price ranges.

Jati & Teak focuses more towards supplying and installation of premium wood fixtures. We do various works relating to Interior Design and decorative works, using premium timber materials such as Ulin (Ironwood), Jati (Teakwood) and or Sonokeling (Rosewood). Pairing high quality materials with precise technique and craftmanships, we ensure client’s satisfaction with all their timber construction needs.

Professional Service

Relying on our years of experience and craftmanships, we strive to produce and meet the high standards and requirements that you set. We understand that each clients have their own unique perspectives and viewpoints, and we incorporate them into the products that we construct. With a wide variety of projects under our belt, be it from Shop Houses, Office Buildings, to Apartment Renovations, we are confident in our ability to deliver.

Highest Quality Material

The majority of our projects use Full Solid Wood as the base material. This ensures that the resulting products are strong, with a beautiful texture that accentuate the natural beauty of your design. We use a variety of hardwood timber – Teakwood (Jati), Rosewood (Sonokeling) and Ironwood (Ulin) – depending on the request from clients as well as the technical requirements of each projects.

For our floorings products, we have Engineered Floorings as a cheaper alternative to Full Solid Floorings. While it is slightly cheaper, we still maintain high durability and strength by using smaller pieces of solid wood as the layers for our Engineered Floorings.

Detailed Unique Customworks

We are ready to bring into reality all your requests in custom woodworkings. We understand that each project has their own challenges and problems, each requiring their own unique perspectives and skills. By maintaining constant communication and dynamic working relationships with the Architecture, Interior Design and Contractor team, we are confident in our capabilities to bring your dream into reality.

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