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About Officescale

About Us

We are experience in Office Furniture Business since 2003. We develop the modular product that can support the project faster, flexible, and competitive. Our Product is knock down system and flat pack Furniture, easy to distribute and delivery. Our Design is a simple, contemporary with eco friendly material.


Our experience is our expertise

We are imported furniture products with an experience R&D team to provide durable and high quality material. Our Office chair is provide by high quality mesh and  ergonomic frame. Our Office table is using E1 board material (LOW LEVEL FORMALDEHYDE) and finished with high quality melamine foil. Our modular system provide flexibility for interior designer or contractor to fit for their layout project.


Who We Are

Since October 2017 we establish our company PT Kanta Djayanta Indonesia. We start to introduce our own brand Officescale. In the same time we start our distribution channel for retail and online market. We have Distribution Center, logistic team, and installer team to provide our product to our channel and customer. 


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is become multinational brand that providing innovative design product and Our Vision is Provide Office Furniture Project in faster, flexible and competitive with high quality Product.


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