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About Primewood

Primewood Indonesia was established in 2004 as a flooring company headquartered in Tangerang, Indonesia.

Primewood Indonesia is focused on importing and supplying a wide range of flooring choices to the local market. We are the master distributor for Robina laminate flooring. We have a wide range of products such that we are able to meet a diverse customer need.

An all-encompassing group of flooring consultants, installers, maintenance crew and service staff, Primewood team is ready to provide professional support to our local customers. We also work closely with our partners worldwide to ensure prompt deliveries, precise installation and product support for all our customers.

We have a deep passion for our floors and work closely with our customers so that they enhance the aesthetic ambience of homes and offices. As a further commitment to our customers, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that our floors remain a source of pride for the years to come.

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