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About Roto Frank

Where The Future Started

Since 1935, the name Roto represents innovation and technological progress in system components for the construction industry. Today, Roto Frank AG is fully owned by the family of the company's founder, Wilhelm Frank, and acts as a holding for all of the companies in the Roto Group. Our roots are in Baden-Wurtternberg, Germany, with headquarters located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart.

Our customers' needs and expectations continuously inspire us, regardless of whether they are builders, project planners, architects, or window and door fabricators. With our broad corporate portfolio, two divisions, and more than 6,000 employees, we have a global presence.

German Quality Standards You Can Count On

We are the technological leader for our industry. Roto's continuous success is often attributed to our consistency, our reliability and our down-to-earth, realistic approach to our work. We have a committed team at Roto, and our success is compelling proof of that.

Regardless of where you in the world deal with Roto, we guarantee that services and products associated with the Roto name will exhibit German quality standards. With numerous national Roto competence and development centres arround the world, we ensure that we understand the challenges in specific markets and find practical solutions withiin short turnaround times.

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