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Our company, Sandimas Group is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has been a prominent building material supplier across the nation for over 30 years. Sandimas provides a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential building supplies specializing in floor tiles & sanitary wares related products. Since 1987, Sandimas has built its reputation to be the trusted importer & distributor of high quality tiles in Indonesia. Sandimas continuously advances its quality, skill and innovation, leading the company into dominant market position today. At our retail stores, Sandimas strives to deliver first class shopping experience.

With over 200 products available in different sizes, colours, and textures, we are able to cater to the diverse need relating to living spaces and contemporary architecture. We offer outstanding customer service, professional design consultation and after sales service. Sandimas covers all major cities in Indonesia and has grown to be one of the largest importers of building materials in the nation as well as a market leader in service, product knowledge and competitive pricing. When it comes to sanitary wares, Sandimas is proud to set down its roots and manufacture locally in order to contribute to our local economies as well as sustainability. We manufacture high performance range of sanitary wares focused on mid-tier sectors and budgets. Our collection boasts modern and practical designs that consistently sets the benchmark for eco-friendly bathroom solutions.

Our Sandimas regional office in China has highly experienced management team, fluent in English & Chinese with diverse expertise in the quality control, procurement, logistics, International trading regulations & practises. Being a major buyer ourselves, Sandimas has the ability to offer dollar saving advice and has key links to major suppliers with the right materials for your project. This value-added service is made possible because we possess high bargaining power as well as necessary infrastructures such as secured warehouse for storage purposes, transportation means, and wide networks of manufacturer across China nationwide. We are committed to sustainability and focus on making the difference in building material industry. At Sandimas, we believe in quality of product, pride in a job performed well and excellence in service.

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