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Recycling: Our flooring Deserves An Afterlife

02 Aug 2022 by Tarkett

Recycling the vinyl and linoleum off-cuts from production and installation is a no-brainer. These are nice, clean scraps of material that are straightforward to recycle. Easy. But how to recycle used flooring when it comes to the end of its life? Often covered in glue, bits of concrete and other chemical residues from years of use and, most importantly, how to reintroduce it into our supply chain with 100% safety guaranteed? Now there’s a challenge! But it’s one we’re rising to. We eco design our products with end of life in mind, for example developing glue-free solutions that promote easy recycling. Our recycling teams are also continually developing innovative new ways of recycling more and more used materials in our eight dedicated recycling centres around the world.

For example, we've developed pioneering techniques that clean, shred and recycle previously unusable glued post-use homogeneous vinyl* (closed loop). That’s something no other European flooring manufacturer can say, and it’s a game changer. Moreover, we are the only flooring manufacturer to recycle post-use linoleum, an industry first.

Recycling: Our flooring Deserves An Afterlife

We’ve also developed unique techniques for turning old carpet tiles into new ones thanks to our innovative method of separating the yarn from the backing, making both materials 100% recyclable. Thanks to our partnership with Aquafil, we’ve fully closed the loop on carpet, recycling the salvaged yarn into high-quality new yarn, ready for use. Because recycling is about collaboration, which is why if a material can’t be safely recycled into flooring, we look for partners in other industries who can use it in a different way.

Recycling: Our flooring Deserves An Afterlife

Sound impressive? Maybe. But we see it more as common sense. Because tackling climate change and resource scarcity is an imperative that demands a total commitment to a circular economy. And at Tarkett we’re completely onboard. By choosing a Tarkett flooring solution, you’re choosing a company with a proven track record of trailblazing recycling schemes and innovative recycling solutions. Peace of mind that your choice is a good one.

*Homogeneous vinyl flooring produced from 2011 onwards

Making conscious choices. For people and planet.

Tarkett Human-Conscious Design®

You can get more information about our Recycling program here.

Or you can heck it out too on our website : https://www.tarkett-asia.com or visit our profile on Archify here

Tarkett at a glance A world leader in flooring and sports surface solutionsFor over 140 years now, we commit every day to the design of great spaces. For Tarkett, this means putting people and planet first, caring about the environment and the health of present and future generations incorporated by our Tarkett Human-Conscious DesignTM approach.It is our holistic way of doing business capable of marrying the specific expectations of each of our customers with the profound challenges of protecting our planet, reducing our carbon footprint and changing the game with circular economy. Working together with our partners, we deliver safer and healthier spaces in which people can reach their full potential. A broad range of solutionsWe offer to our customers one of the largest portfolios of flooring and sports surface solutions, and we share with our customers our expertise in multiple market segments.


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