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CV. Teguh Cipta Pratama (TCP) which was formerly known as Thomas Plastic was established in 1975. Our experience in the acrylic fabrication business has spanned over 30 years. Our main goal has always been to meet the needs of our customer, in whatever form they come. We changed our name from Thomas Plastic to CV. Teguh Cipta Pratama to reflect our expanding business venture. We believe that our high quality products and precision cutting is what distinguish CV. Teguh Cipta Pratama from other fabricators in Indonesia.

Our high quality products can be contributed to the fact that we always utilize the latest technology in acrylic fabrication. We employed laser cutting machines, in conjunction with computer technology which has allowed us to reduce the possibility of human error and thus, increasing the precision of our finished products.

Efficiency and customization is another of our competitive advantage. By utilizing the latest technology in acrylic fabrication, we are able to produce an end result that is otherwise impossible to be done manually. Thus, we are able to implement our customers’ idea without much compromise.

Based on our customer-oriented strategy, CV. Teguh Cipta Pratama always strives to meet our customers’ various needs. We are committed in expanding our range of services to our customers.

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