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Five Small Balcony Ideas for Your Apartment

When you live in an apartment, the only space that comes as close as a private outdoor space is your balcony. However, an apartment balcony often comes only in a small size that it gets overlooked. If designed properly, even a small balcony can be a versatile space where you can do anything from getting fresh air and daily intake of morning sun to hosting a barbeque party and outdoor dining. Follow these small balcony ideas to get the most out of your available balcony space.

Install comfortable floor materials

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The basic thing to decide when designing your small balcony is choosing comfortable flooring materials. With this, you can utilise the small balcony for simple activities like yoga and meditation. Small balcony flooring is typically unadorned, such as plain tile or concrete floor. You can switch it up with colourful tiles or woods or even combination of both and layer it with rugs or carpets to create a comfy small balcony. Even without other design elements, the flooring itself will give a character to the space. Make sure to choose durable outdoor flooring materials that match your styles.

Cosy seating

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What better way to enjoy sunny late afternoon than get cosy in your small balcony? There are many ideas to implement when it comes to setting up seating in your small balcony. However, because it is outdoorsy, you may need to opt for either a built-in seating or a flexible seating all together. Installing a built-in bench, hammock or swing chair can save floor space stylishly. You can also use floor cushions or foldable chairs for a more flexible option. Design your sitting area suiting your preferences.

Lush mini garden

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You can never go wrong in adorning space with greenery. A small balcony is perfect for creating a lush mini garden for your apartment. You can make use of the vertical space of your balcony wall and make a vertical garden by putting up planter walls and stacked potted plants. Growing varieties of herbs, flowers or vegetable plants on your railings will give your small balcony a fresh and lush look. You can also hang potted plants in your ceiling to save more space. Better yet, you can grow tall plants like bamboo to infuse greenery and add some privacy at the same time.

Multifunction furniture

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Having multifunction furniture has always been a go-to choice for a small living space. Besides saving space, multifunction furniture means you can accommodate various needs in your balcony. You can put a storage bench or a storage table. With these, you can store goods and necessities such as gardening tools, barbeque equipment, floor cushions or foldable chairs. The storage feature will also be especially useful to ensure your balcony items’ longevity when the wet season comes.

Light the balcony up

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Having a balcony is a perk, as you have a space to enjoy stargazing or night view of your city. There are so many evening activities to enjoy in your small balcony, so it is important to have an adequate lighting to the space. Installing string lights and outdoor lanterns can give you a cosy ambience when you enjoy a night outdoor dinner, and this cosiness can permeate to the whole living space in your apartment.

Having only small balcony should not mean limiting the options you have to design the space. By applying the small balcony ideas above, you can maximise the use your balcony to your wishes. Head over to Archify for more interior design ideas and inspirations.

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