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Franke All-In: Sink Accessory System

01 Feb 2023 by Archant

Customise your sink and create the ultimate food prep space in your kitchen. These intuitive accessories were designed to complement your workflow while adding a touch of sophisticated style. Don’t just settle for good enough. Transform your sink into an efficient tool to make your routine more enjoyable.

All-In is the intuitive kitchen sink organizer you’ve been waiting for. With an eye for style and ergonomic convenience, it can be used to upscale kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

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New Zealand
What We Stand ForTo inspire the creators of great design, enabling exceptional interior spaces. Archant searches the world for the leading trends, latest materials, hardware, surfaces and expertise, curating and bringing them home to New Zealand to empower and inspire our leading developers, visionary architects and interior creators.Think of us as Architectural Merchants. We aim to be champions of creativity, with a role to source new products from around the world which inspire great work. Archant are proud to bring some of the best brands in the Kitchenware world to New Zealand.We provide the international standards in quality, with European design houses such as Schock, Santamargherita, Shaws of Darwn, and Furnipart all featuring as part of our extensive range. We also have the best that New Zealand has on offer with Heritage's exceptional line of sinks, tapware, handles, and engineered stone surfaces.


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