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How to Choose Bathroom Tiles, Bathroom Sink and Bathroom Cabinet for a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom space can look stylish and practical. Just because your bathroom lacks space doesn’t mean it’s destined to remain a strictly practical room. Playing with bathroom tile colour can make small space become visibly large. A corner bathroom sink equipped with a top bathroom cabinet will save more than enough space within your small bathroom. With the right design ideas, it’s easy to connect the border between form and function regardless of its size.

Measuring the Space and Choosing the Right Size Tiles

Determine how much space you’ll need to use before you decide on a bathroom sink to fit into your bathroom. It will be a problem if you go on with an extended long marble counter with a porcelain bathroom sink large enough to wash in that definitely won’t fit into the available space. In any case, there are loads of choices in all sizes. A bathroom cabinet with a sink mounted on top serves the purpose and gives a bathroom a finished look. On the other hand, you may choose a classic pedestal style sink.
Precise measurements are an important step in any tile project. Small calculation mistakes can lead to terible design problems. Bathroom tile size shouldn’t be determined by the bathroom space size, in spite of what you may have heard of. A large tile actually can make the room visually expanded, and with less grout lines, the walls and the floor are less cluttered. For smaller tiles cases, such as mosaics,it will give you lots of grout lines, which can give the bathroom walls a grid-like appearance that can promote the feeling of being confined causing your bathroom feel smaller still.

Choosing The Material

The most common well known material for a bathroom sink or bathroom tilesis porcelain. Bathroom sinks are typically in white colour; another colour is available with premium price. Enameled cast iron sinks can be coloured to fit any décor asthey are very durable, and resist chipping. Glass, stone, and metals can be shaped and molded to any size and shape, and to create a certain accent in a bathroom. Porcelain tiles can be used to create beautiful effectsas it’s available in a wide range of colours and can also be made to resemble wood or stone.Porcelain comes at a cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment as it lasts for such a long time.Bathroom cabinetsare typically made from one of these three materials: Plywood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or Particleboard. The Plywood is the most reliable. 
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