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How to Use Wovenpanel® Screens as Stylish Commercial Space Dividers

09 Dec 2022 by Archant

In recent years, the open floor plan has reigned supreme in commercial spaces around New Zealand. The inviting feel of a free-flowing environment is much more welcoming than isolated cubicles and offices. While this type of layout offers real benefits, there’s often still a need to create defined areas in a commercial setting.

How can this be done in stylish fashion without completely closing off sections with walls?

Archant is well known in New Zealand for our residential design capability, but we also pride ourselves on offering beautiful decorative surfaces for commercial spaces.

We spend a great deal of time in these places of business and believe they should inspire, rather than restrict creativity. Why sit in a dark office when it’s possible to incorporate natural light? There were some of the challenges our new Wovenpanel® screens set out to resolve.

This fresh line of architectural wire mesh screens is exclusive to Archant. They offer businesses a unique and stylish way to improve their floor plan. Not only will these screens add design flexibility to a space, but noteworthy design flair.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use this exciting new product for your project. Great design should not be limited to residential spaces. Read on for tips to upscale a commercial building with Wovenpanel® screens.

Four Available Finishes to Match Your Aesthetic

Just because it’s a commercial space doesn’t mean it should be lacking in personality. Our Wovenpanel® screens were created to match a wide variety of interior styles. Available in four distinct options, these clever dividers offer unparalleled flexibility for areas both big and small.

Choose from gorgeous finishes in Brushed Brass, Antique Brass, Stainless Steel, and Matt Black. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these styles unique.

How to Use Wovenpanel® Screens as Stylish Commercial Space Dividers

  • The Matt Black option is quite trendy for modern spaces. The artistic, edgy nature draws the viewer's eye without dominating the room. It also adds an element of much-needed contrast, helping to separate an area from the larger space. This popular colour may be on-trend, but it never really goes out of style and will stand the test of time.
  • Stainless Steel is another classic selection. Its elegant and attractive appeal has made it a go-to option for many decades with good reason. This finish has a bright, reflective quality that resonates in spaces with abundant natural/artificial light. Like matt black, this colour has endured as a viable solution in residences and commercial properties around New Zealand. It not only boasts beautiful style but matches well with other elements typically found in most spaces.
  • For a more rustic, vintage feel, don’t miss the Wovenpanel® screens in brushed brass and antique brass. These two unique selections can add an element of warmth with their organic finish. Although these have a somewhat similar look, there are some differences to note. The brushed brass option has a shinier quality, leaning toward an almost gold appearance. With antique brass, you can expect a more weathered, darker vibe with lower lustre.
  • If your design calls for something a little bit different than our standard range, send us your ideas and our team can quote for your custom Wovenpanel® Screen. You can customise the dimensions, shape, mesh type, or colour and custom framing options. You can request a quote for custom designs here.

Flexible and Lightweight for Extreme Versatility

Another clever function of these Wovenpanel® screens is found in their lightweight makeup. They are framed in stainless steel and are free-standing.

This means they don’t need to be fixed to an existing structure, allowing them to be repositioned at will. This kind of flexibility is helpful to rearrange spaces with an open floor plan as needed.

Of course, the size of any design element is an important consideration. Ideally, the dimensions should work well with the scale of a space. How big or small something appears is often measured in relation to the other aspects of a design. The size then is a way to give an object visual significance.

Our Wovenpanel® screens have a standard dimension of 2000 x 500mm. This makes them large enough to be effective, without impeding the overall functional space.

How to Use Wovenpanel® Screens as Stylish Commercial Space Dividers

Built to Order for Quick Installation and Convenience

At Archant, we know how essential an efficient timeframe is for commercial projects. We have a dedicated team to make sure your items are ready in an expedited manner. The last thing anyone wants is to hold up progress while waiting for overseas delivery.

These sophisticated Wovenpanel® screens are built here in New Zealand. With a short 4-week lead time from your order, they will be on hand to fit the installation timeline.

How to Use Wovenpanel® Screens as Stylish Commercial Space Dividers

Wovenpanel® Screens are Perfectly Positioned to Upscale Your Commercial Space

As you can see, these stunning wire mesh screens offer ample variety to best match any aesthetic. Coupled with unique patterns and different levels of opacity, they can be used in any number of creative ways.

Building on the capabilities of our Wovenpanel™ decorative surfaces, these decadent screens are framed in stainless steel and result in a brilliant interior design solution. As a next-level design element, they can infuse an otherwise ordinary environment with shimmering texture, and an understated layer of depth. Like all our decorative surfaces, you can expect the same attention to detail and customer service our clients at Archant have come to love.

To learn more, check out the full range of Wovenpanel® Screens here.

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