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Climate Take Back

14 Oct 2019 by Inzide

These workshops were designed to explore the different ways key organisations in the New Zealand Building Industry are addressing the biggest moral imperative of our time, Climate Change.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the guest speakers of these events;

  • Andrew Eagles -NZGBC
  • Jerome Partington - Jasmax
  • Aidan Mullan - Interface
  • Steve Dixon - Enviromark
  • Nelish Bakshi - Studio Pacific Architects
New Zealand
At Inzide, we genuinely seek to make a positive difference by only supplying best in class flooring solutions from around the world. Exclusivley supplying international brands: Interface, Fobo & nora to the New Zealand market. We work in an empowered team, our vales are real and our team culture strong. ​Our purpose is to deliver Sustainable Flooring Solutions - the Inzide way.​The Inzide Way...​Passionate & Idealistic - valuing; quality, design, brand & environmental credentials.Authentic - Expert knowledge and integrity in all of our dealingsRelationship Driven - Communicating openly and honestly & expecting the same in return.Environmental Conscience - We account for our footprint and mitigate wherever we can.Inspiring - We lead by example, innovate and challenge. We believe strongly in the circular economy and practice this ethos through Interface’s ReEntry recycling scheme in Australia, among other initiatives such as Toitu's Carbonzero program.In 26 years of supplying sustainable flooring solutions we have;Recycled and re-used 396 tonnes of carpet tileOffset 4318 tonnes of carbonMitigated 295.14 tonnes of carbonSaved 150,000 litres of fuel by using a Prius car fleet It all starts with local companies investing in New Zealand’s economy and biosphere to make a real difference to our world.


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