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Protecting A Podium Deck?

22 Oct 2019 by Markham Global

Rooftop and podium concrete decks are used for car parks, equipment plants, and similar situations. Typically, they are exposed to all extremes of the weather. And, although concrete is inherently durable, leaving it unprotected is an invitation for premature deterioration.

Holistic Approach

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, the culprit for premature deterioration is moisture. As water and moisture vapour enters the concrete, it carries contaminants in solution, which react with the concrete and the reinforcing steel.

Coating or painting the deck is not enough for proper protection. Coatings abrade over time and need periodical reapplication. Furthermore, coatings cannot prevent moisture movement between abutting elements of the structure.

What about a deep penetrating treatment that remains in the concrete permanently? Aquron 2000 is a genuine non-crystalline hydrogel treatment, reacting with free lime and moisture in the slab to induce a C-S-H hydrogel within the porosity of the concrete, to a depth of 150mm. This protection permanently prevents ingress or movement of moisture, and never needs reapplication.

And let’s go back a step earlier in the construction process. Aquron 300 waterproofing admixture, used in conjunction with the Aquron 2000, gives total confidence by ensuring the slab is waterproofed right through.

A Case Study

An excellent example of this approach is the Silverdale Centre carpark, in Auckland NZ (pictured). Lightweight construction methods were used, leading to rolling loads causing the concrete to flex much more than traditional methods.  The Aquron waterproofing system was chosen and ensures robust waterproofing for the structure.

Benefits for Both The Construction team And The Asset Owner!

  • -Ultimate internal waterproofing
  • -Permanently eliminate moisture migration
  • -Waterproof stable non-moving cracks up to 0.5mm
  • -Reduces shrinkage
  • -Protects the reinforcing steel
  • -Compatible with all paint, membranes or coatings designed for bare concrete

Contact the friendly team at Markham about your specific project!

One last thing! Aquron 2000 is also valuable for protecting existing structures.
Deterioration can often be arrested, and service life preserved.
If your structure is already built, we can still help!

Markham Global
New Zealand
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