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Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

26 Nov 2019 by Mr. Bigglesworthy

14 AUG 2019

Mr. Bigglesworthy is proud to celebrate the work of legendary Danish designer Hans Olsen. We look back through our collecting history and reflect on some new developments from his range of classic furniture from Warm Nordic.

Danish design legend, Hans Olsen, would be celebrating his hundredth year in 2019. Olsen posessed both the pedigree and creative sensibility to develop unique and characterful designs which remain highly desirable today. Trained under pioneering designer Kaare Klint at the Royal Danish Academy’s Furniture School, he went on to create some of the most unique Danish designer furniture which continues to reach high prices at auctions.

Recently one of our Good Form brands, Warm Nordic, has expanded the range of fabrics available on three Hans Olsen designs including The Orange, Mr Olsen Sofa and Armchair and Gesture Chair. These are produced in FSC certified wood with sustainable Kvadrat textiles made from recycled wool and plastic. All colours are carefully selected with a light and modern expression. The fabrics are a combination of Hero and sustainable textiles, Re-wool and Merit by Maharam.

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

Danish designer Hans Olsen (1919–1982)

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

New sustainable fabrics from Kvadrat are available across the Warm Nordic range by Hans Olsen 

Warm Nordic has also introduced a new variation of the Fried Egg Chair, by Hans Olsen, aptly titled the Fried Egg 'Sheep' Chair, crafted from sheepskin. It nods to the past and also current design directions for ultra luxurious, statement furniture.

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

Fried Egg Sheep Chair, by Hans Olsen for Warm Nordic

We are proud to introduce a pair of vintage design chairs designed by Hans Olsen for Bramin to support this launch. The 'Gesture Chair' is a beautifully crafted dining chair with an iconic moulded plywood backrest. Crafted from a single piece of luxurious teak plywood to form the backrest, the elegant edges are folded out to create an organic armrest. This defining feature is given an additional element of character with the addition of a fitted upholstery piece, set in from the edge. Thoughtful tapering and consideration are given to the total design to create a complete, sculptural piece which remains relevant to contemporary interiors.

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

Vintage Gesture Chairs by Hans Olsen for Bramin

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

We've also collected some pictures from our history of collecting vintage furniture from Hans Olsen, all featuring deluxe materials like rosewood and teak.

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

Roundette Dining Suite by Hans Olsen for Frem Rølje

Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

1960s leather and rosewood sofa by Hans Olsen for C S Möbler

Mr. Bigglesworthy
New Zealand
OUR STORYWe believe good design will always be relevant. It has the power to create a better world and transform everyday objects into inspired statements of form, function and beauty."Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."Dieter RamsAbout Mr. BigglesworthyGalleryMr. Bigglesworthy is Auckland's premier vintage design store. Our focus is on rare and exceptional mid century modern furniture, art and contemporary design. We hand source the best pieces from right here in New Zealand and around the globe with a focus on timeless design made to last a lifetime.Throughout their years of traveling, sourcing and collaborating with leading local and international auction houses, owners Dan and Emma Eagle have become experts in their field. Their Ponsonby Gallery showcases a wealth of knowledge and some of the most coveted modern and contemporary design.WorkshopConservation is at the heart of the Mr. Bigglesworthy offering – every piece is thoroughly checked and lovingly restored. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of the vintage items while ensuring they will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.Our restoration work is performed on site, by hand, in our Kingsland workshop/studio. For advanced, museum quality restoration we use some of Auckland's best restorers who have worked on items for Te Papa and the Auckland Museum.


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