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The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

26 Nov 2019 by Mr. Bigglesworthy

A few years ago we were lucky enough to have a holiday in California and of course we had to head over to Palm Springs for some architecture tourism.

Richard Neutra's still-impressive works in the area are modernist masterpieces. We've put together a series of our favourite Neutra houses together with an edit of pieces which are inspired by the designs of each structure. 

The house featured above, situated in Palm Springs, was designed for retail entrepreneur Edgar J Kaufmann in 1946. Kaufmann also commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to create the iconic 'Falling Water'. It mixes natural materials from the landscape like large boulders at the entrance, with glass, steel and concrete render. The upper level seems to float, with transparent beams creating an open space illuminated by polished wood panels on the underside of the ceiling. 

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Singleton House (1959) 

Once owned by Vidal Sassoon, this Bel Air home was designed for industrialist Henry Singleton. 

During his extensive career as an architect, he created some of the most memorable homes of the period which epitomised the American dream. Each was beautifully integrated with the surrounding landscape with a signature, linear form, flat roof and lavish use of floor to ceiling glass. 

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Hans Wegner Model 236 Sofa for Getama

The highly-celebrated Hans Wegner defined the mid 20th century Danish aesthetic through his work with some of Denmark's most premium furniture makers. This stunning sofa is a substantial yet elegant offering for Getama which has become an icon of modern Scandinavian design. Shop Now

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Lovell Heath House (1927 – 1929) 

This bold, white design has appeared in the 1997 film 'LA Confidential'. It was one of the first homes to utilise a steel structure materials and on opening, the home attracted 15,000 viewers to the opening. It was a new type of built space, pivotal to Neutra's career and a good example of the International Style. 

Neutra studied the patterns of the life of his clients, producing lengthy documentation which examined their behaviour. He was also heavily influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud and was convinced that the built environment could cure neuroses. Lovell Heath House had various rooms for therapeutic purposes, including sunbathing, fitness and open air sleeping.

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

George Nelson Platform Bench for Herman Miller

If good design is timeless then George Nelson's enduring Platform Bench takes pride of place. Since it's inception in 1946, Nelson's elegant offering has provided a simple solution to a range of needs. It excels as a table, platform base or seating, depending on need and situation. 

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

PBS Mobelfabrik Danish Coffee Table 

This stunning Danish coffee table features beautiful craftsmanship and a refined lightness of form. Slender pin style legs elevate a vibrant teak tabletop inset with memorable inky blue tiles. Shop Now

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Pair of Lane 'First Edition' Side Tables 

These elegant side tables showcase all of the reasons Lane furniture was so popular. Perfect proportions, bold materials and high end construction all combine to create a memorable design. Shop Now The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Chuey Houe (1956)

Richard Neutra often incorporated protruding beams to define space and add strength to the structure. Chuey House makes use of this feature to great visual effect with the space, which incorporates an overhanging roof and an effortless looking pool. The use of water also featured strongly throughout Neutra's designs, even (at the VDL house) he designed a daring water feature on the top of a lower level to give a lightness to the space above.

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra'Capella' Armchairs by Illum Wikkelso 

Illum Wikkelso has a legacy for creating some of the finest Danish mid-century furniture. A minimalist teak frame with exposed joints in the armrests define this iconic design. Shop Now 

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Arne Halvorsen for Rasmus Solberg Coffee Table 

This coffee table from Arne Halvorsen is a mid-century classic. It features a refined and sculptural base that arches up to elevate a circular top. Shop Now 

The Lines and Forms of Richard Neutra

Linear Designs from Good Form 

We couldn't complete an edit of Neutra inspired design without mentioning the Modulo range from Ercol. This memorable sideboard is part of the larger Modulo range. A collection of contemporary modular, stackable cabinets with a highly refined form. Designer Dylan Freeth has focused on clean lines and elegant proportions, tailored for modern living. Shop Now at GoodForm.co.nz

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OUR STORYWe believe good design will always be relevant. It has the power to create a better world and transform everyday objects into inspired statements of form, function and beauty."Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."Dieter RamsAbout Mr. BigglesworthyGalleryMr. Bigglesworthy is Auckland's premier vintage design store. Our focus is on rare and exceptional mid century modern furniture, art and contemporary design. We hand source the best pieces from right here in New Zealand and around the globe with a focus on timeless design made to last a lifetime.Throughout their years of traveling, sourcing and collaborating with leading local and international auction houses, owners Dan and Emma Eagle have become experts in their field. Their Ponsonby Gallery showcases a wealth of knowledge and some of the most coveted modern and contemporary design.WorkshopConservation is at the heart of the Mr. Bigglesworthy offering – every piece is thoroughly checked and lovingly restored. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of the vintage items while ensuring they will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.Our restoration work is performed on site, by hand, in our Kingsland workshop/studio. For advanced, museum quality restoration we use some of Auckland's best restorers who have worked on items for Te Papa and the Auckland Museum.


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