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Fire Doors with Panelled Veneer Design Options

26 Aug 2021 by NZ Fire Doors

Typically, Fire Doors are often considered inflexible in regards to the amount of customisation there can be.

Recently, a number of project architects have asked for help to achieve their design intent. Some common requests include;

- Can I have a panel design recessed into the door leaf using natural veneer?

- How do I seamlessly integrate the design of timber cladding applied to both the wall and your fire door?

- Can I have a stepped design in the door jamb using hardwood timbers?

All of these requirements have been utilised on recent projects using NZFD's 30 and 60min fire rated solid core timber doorsets. Each option was designed and tested for its buildability and formally assessed by a fire engineer to maintain the fire certification. Each option was considered an acceptable variation to a 30min full scale fire test conducted by NZFD.

The recently completed QT Hotel in the Viaduct uses a double veneered panel design creating a recess to all 30min rated unit entry doors. The images show the use of American White Oak veneer applied to the fire rated door panel, then overlaid with a separate 6mm MDF veneered board to create the look. The veneer is cross grain, with the opposing door face to the inside of the room stained to suit the room aesthetic.

A steel split jamb powder coated black was chosen for these doors due to its durability for maintenance purposes. Along with the clever use of the lighting, the contrasting industrial black frame and panel veneered leaf create an innovative feature.

Another unique feature door, was a bi parting entry door into the hotel. While not a fire door, NZFD were tasked to build the bespoke door which was fixed to a Dorma sliding unit. Individual American Oak timber boards were fixed to a an aluminium sub frame and finished with brass inserts. The boards were stained to suit the designer's aesthetic. Contact NZ Fire Doors to see what might be possible.

Fire Doors with Panelled Veneer Design Options Fire Doors with Panelled Veneer Design Options Fire Doors with Panelled Veneer Design Options

NZ Fire Doors
New Zealand
Behind every fire door we manufacture is immense technical knowledge that helps you to get exactly the right fire doors for your project. We work closely with specifiers and builders to ensure New Zealand construction projects get the fire doors they need to satisfy regulations, aesthetic considerations and budget constraints.  Our product range was researched and designed especially for the Kiwi construction market. Any model within the range can be customised to suit specific requirements.Every fire door we supply is manufactured at our Auckland base from quality, responsibly-sourced materials. You can request a quote for our fire doors online, or you can call an expert who will help you through the quoting and ordering process and the various options available. WHY CHOOSE US?Since 1984 we’ve been putting fire-rated doors between people and flames. As masters of passive fire protection, we never forget that our doors are built to give occupants enough time to escape burning buildings. You might think we’re in the door business, but really we’re in the life saving business.Knowledge and experienceFrom the moment we opened our plant in Ellerslie and launched our first product range, we’ve been accumulating knowledge and experience about fire doors and fire windows. Our development team is actively engaged in ongoing research to keep our product range relevant, cost-effective and versatile. Our production team understand the life or death importance of precision manufacturing. And our sales reps are walking, talking encyclopaedias of passive fire protection.A total willingness to helpIn the market we’re known for our willingness to solve problems. We hate to say “no”, “you can’t” or “sorry”. It’s our philosophy instead to ask questions and source extra information, so that we can fix you up with the right solution – even if that means referring you to another company.  We recently introduced the ability to obtain a quote online, because it’s quick and easy for some customers, but we’ll never step away from our policy of great personal service over the phone and through sales visits.We’re all part of the solutionPermeating our company at every level is a continuous improvement philosophy that keeps us on our toes. Every individual working for NZ Fire Doors is encouraged to share their ideas for process and customer service improvement. Ours is a flat, democratic structure that encourages everyone to see themselves as a part of the solution. Some global with the localNZ Fire Doors is a 100% New Zealand-owned company that takes pride in using responsibly-sourced New Zealand-materials, however we use global development connections in Australia, UK, Europe and Asia to ensure our products will always be world-class. Complementing our technical expertise is a respect for architectural ambitions – we know that fine aesthetics and fire protection must be able to co-exist without compromise.A partner you can trustIf you think “a fire door is a fire door”, we challenge you to take a look behind any of our doors to discover the gold that lies behind - an immense resource of expertise and helpfulness. We’re in this for the long-haul, so we make a great ongoing partner who’ll remember your name, understand your requirements and go the extra mile to keep you happy.


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