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Sanispeed + Commercial Grey Water Pump & 7-eleven National Smoothie Machine Roll Out

06 Sep 2022 by Saniflo

OBJECTIVE: To offer ease of installation of smoothie machines in store nationally.

CHALLENGE: Lack of traditional gravity drainage connections where required.

SOLUTION: Sanispeed+

Saniflo SFA Australia has been working with 7-Eleven nationally since 2013 to offer pumping solutions for their coffee and slurpy machines where conventional gravity drainage is not possible.

In addition to their successful self-serve automatic coffee and slurpy machines 7-Eleven are rolling out an Australian, first self-serve smoothie & frappe machines. This amazing dispenser makes fruit smoothies, frappes, lemonades and shakes.

This self-serve technology requires constant cleaning and rinsing as part of its automated processes. Thankfully for 7-Eleven, the proven track record of the Sanispeed+ commercial greywater pump from Saniflo SFA has made this possible.

"The plumbing contractor for this particular project had no access to a conventional drainage point where the store owner wanted to locate the smoothie machine. After a site visit, and consultation with the plumber, the best solution could only be the Sanispeed+ — positioned in a convenient location behind the smoothie machine."

- Adam Rowe, BDM Saniflo SFA Australia


Sanispeed+ is Saniflo SFA's smallest commercial grey water pump. Its compact size allows ease of installation in small spaces, all without compromising performance.

Sanispeed+ is ideal for situations such as the 7-Eleven smoothie machine project as it has allowed for the machines to be positioned anywhere in existing stores and petrol forecourts, without the need to cut up the floor and disrupt trading.

“With the utilities of each 7-Eleven location following different layouts, design flexibility for the smoothie machine rollout was a must. Downtime for businesses due to major structural alterations was also a concern that the Sanispeed bypassed. Due to its small footprint, and ample pumping performance, the Sanispeed+ was a perfect fit for this project."

- Greg Waters, Technical and Project Development Manager

Through a mixture of on-site and remote consultation, Saniflo SFA was able to help ensure 7-Eleven got their desired results. Despite a demanding application, the Sanispeed+'s adaptability and reliability has made this nationwide 7-Eleven project a reality.

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