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Bridging the divide!

20 Nov 2019 by Thermosash

The North Shore Hospital Link Bridge project had a very tight build programme and needed to be constructed between and then connect to operating buildings, across the live main traffic route through the hospital site. 

The solution was a Thermosash total clad unitised curtainwall panel - including the internal finishes - a pre-fabricated unit that negated the need of multiple external and internal finish trades on any of the Thermosash wall panels - accelerating the contract to meet the immovable handover date.

New Zealand
Welcome to Thermosash Commercial Ltd: New Zealand's largest commercial window, curtain wall, integrated total clad façade designer, manufacturer and contractor.As a world class supplier of engineered façades, we are committed to providing tried and proven systems, producing some of the most sophisticated products available internationally - products that provide long term performance solutions to building owners."Our work at Thermosash is critical to the building industry Our specific engineered building envelopes shape the appearance of our skylines offering comfort to occupants from heat and cold potection frim the elements respite ffrom the acoustic discomfort of busy cities and pleasure to those who appreciate the built environmet", David Hayes, CEO, Thermosash Commercial.Our growth since 1973 demonstrate that the strength we offer the building indsutry is underpinned by supplying quality. long lasting engineered building envelope systems. our ability to meet tight lead times and on-site programmes, our acceptance of transfer of design responsibility together with our team's passion and quality service commitment is linked to our future.


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