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About Warmup NZ

The day of underfloor heating being considered the most expensive option is a thing of the past. Improvements in technology and changes within the environment have not only made this more effective and efficient but have significantly decreased the running costs over time. These advances have made underfloor heating one of the most preferred heating solutions for many kiwi homes and businesses. It’s not what you see but rather how it makes you feel.

Warmup is New Zealand's leading supplier of electric radiant underfloor heating systems. Established in 1983, Warmup® Heating Systems has grown into an international company providing underfloor heating to thousands of homes and businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US. Independent local distributors — backed by the Australasian ’Warmup®’ license holder — have served the New Zealand market since 1994.

Warmup Underfloor Heating Systems are designed with simplicity in mind, using the latest technology to deliver quality products at an exceptional value.
Warmup is endorsed to the most up-to-date New Zealand and international standards, confirming Warmup’s commitment to quality and safety.

Our range of undertile heating, undercarpet heating, inslab heating and indoor and other heating products are designed to enhance the comfort of your home. Simple to operate, environmentally safe and economical to run, Warmup’s underfloor electric heating and home heating products offer unbeatable quality and performance.

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