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Everything cool for 2020?

25 Sep 2020 by AHT

We will get you and your refrigeration systems ready for the EU F-Gas Regulation, which is coming into force progressively from 1.1.2020. Move to a sustainable future with AHT technology, and emerge the winner from the change in the law!

From 2020, all refrigeration system operators such as supermarkets, discounters and other food retailers will have to wrap up warmly, as a large portion of the refrigerants used in chest freezers or refrigerated multideck cabinets do not comply with the new EU standards. Refrigerants that are especially harmful to the climate will even be totally banned from 2030.

Substantial refrigerant bans from 2020

And this is what it looks like in detail: from 2020, partly halogenated and fluorinated HFC refrigerants such as R404A, and from 2022 also R134a, must no longer be sold. From then onwards, only refrigerants with a GWP value of under 2,500 can be installed in new appliances. Existing appliances can be retrofitted with compliant refrigerants, although these are already substantially increasing in price and in future there is a threat of even stricter threshold values. Details can be found at eur-lex.europa.eu.

AHT has the simple complete solution!

Seize the opportunity posed by coming bans and opt for a future-proof new refrigeration system from AHT – with the benefits to you of:

a fully hermetic cooling system

future-proof GWP value of under 3

Plug&Chill: rapid changeover made easy

gain on the competition by greatly reducing your operating costs

modern waste heat recovery

We lead the world in our core business of producing plug-in refrigerator and freezer systems for retail and industry. Our AHT refrigeration systems are supplied to leading discount and supermarket chains and renowned manufacturers in the ice cream and beverages industry.Our overall philosophy is based on four pillars:SustainabilityEnergy efficiencyInnovationMaximum customer benefit Quality and environmental focusWe put climate protection and sustainability into practice, day in and day out, so we can live up to the high standards that our customers set for our products and for AHT as a brand:ISO 9001 (quality management)ISO 14001 (environmental management),Resource-saving production processesEcologically-focussed products Our VisionWe are continuously expanding our position as a world leader - these principles guide us in everything we think and do:Optimisation of the product lifecycleOne-stop shop – everything from a single sourceFollow your customer – keeping close to customersFocus on sustainable technologiesInternationalisation


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