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Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Retreat

10 Aug 2022 by American Standard

A bright, clean, and great smelling bathroom is something that many of us homeowners wish for but often don’t have the time to maintain well.

Now, with a lot more focus on hygiene and well-being, there are even better reasons to not just clean up the bathroom but make it a welcoming spot to wind down after a long day’s work.

Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Kick out the germs

Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Retreat

Here’s one practice so fundamental it bears repeating - flush with the toilet bowl lid closed. Yes, you may not notice it, but aerosols from its contents could spray upwards and around while flushing.

It helps to have an Aqua Ceramic coated toilet too, as the super-hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces. Similarly, wiping down the toilet seat regularly helps too.

2. Keep it dry

American Standard
American Standard
United States
About American Standard As one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, American Standard has earned the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style, quality, and reliability to their bathrooms. Today, backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering dependable bathroom solutions that combine purposeful designs and innovative technologies to create inviting bathroom sanctuaries offering ultimate comfort and performance to its customers.Making life healthier, safer and more beautiful at home, at work, around town and throughout the world ― that is the vision of American Standard.Globally connected with strong sales presence in over 20 countries plus manufacturing and research facilities in Asia, American Standard stays attuned to consumer needs and anticipates emerging trends through active customer engagement.Led by a dynamic team of in-house designers based in Asia, American Standard offers high performing toilets, stylish faucets and wash basins for the bath and kitchen, plus showers, bathtubs and other wellness products that combine human-centric design with innovative functionality.American Standard offers total project solutions for residential and commercial customers, effectively delivering water-saving products that are used for new construction and replacement/remodeling projects.American Standard operates under the business unit LIXIL Water Technology which is the world’s largest global leader in sanitary ware. This division operates in 150 countries, with more than 50 production and R&D facilities globally. LIXIL Water Technology business brands include: LIXIL, INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and JAXSON.


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