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07 Feb 2021 by AMS Solar


Grid-Tied systems use PV panels to generate DC power.  The DC power goes to a grid interactive (grid-tied) inverter which converts the PV panel DC power to 240 volts AC power that is compatible with the power grid.  The power from the PV panels goes (via the grid tie inverter) to supply the household power needs.  If the PV system is generating more power than the house can use, the excess is sent out over the grid to supply others.  If the house needs more power than the PV system can supply, then the extra is drawn from the grid as usual.

Grid tied systems only work when the grid is up.  If the grid power goes out, the grid tie inverter is required to shut down immediately.

  • Lowest initial cost (because there is no need for batteries and charge controller)
  • Lowest ongoing maintenance cost (no batteries to maintain and replace)
  • Simplest to install
  • Most efficient (because there are losses associated with charging batteries)
  • You can start small and add (with some limitations)
  • During day time the solar array powers the load or shares the power with the grid thus minimizing the usage of electricity from the utility.
  •  At night time or the sun is on its minimum solar radiation,  power is taken from the grid.
  • In the event of power failure at night time, there will be no power produced.

how grid-tie-solar-pv-system works picture
AMS Solar
AMS Solar
About the CompanyAMS Solar International Trading founded in Dec. 2012 and is one of the Renewable Energy System Provider in the Philippines. Our company provide the complete installation of Wind and Solar Power Energy System for both ON-Grid and Off-Grid System.Furthermore, we supply all components related to Solar Power system and Wind Turbine Power System.We also, retail and wholesale all types of LED Illumination Lightings as well as LED Solar Street Lighting System.AMS Solar MissionIs to spread the use of Renewable Energy and help reduce carbon emission through Solar Power application. We provide clean energy believing that Solar System is an exhaustible source of energy.AMS Solar Vision1. To be a One Stop Solar Power System solution with excellent support services and quality products at an affordable price.2. Envisions itself to give humanity a better life in the future by providing solutions to human’s problem in terms of high cost of electricity and enable them to save and prepare for the future.We supply Renewable Energy componets and other LED products range such as:• Solar Panels (Mono & Poly-crystalline)• Solar Charge Controller (PWM and MPPT)• Combine Box for PV Array Connection• Inverters (Modified and Pure Sine Wave)• Deep Cycle Batteries• Solar Cable & Solar Mounting Kit• Solar Mobile Charger• Portable Solar Home Lighting• LED Solar Street Lighting & LED Street Light• LED Bulbs & LED Strip Light• Audio Activated Car Equalizer sticker• Wind Turbine• TRUEAC Modules We aim for Philippines to be a Solar Nation


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