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Caracole Unscripted: Ah-Ha Moments

15 Jan 2021 by Dexterton

Walking into a room with Caracole furnishings is an experience like no other. There’s just something about Caracole style—a certain je ne sais quoi—that evokes emotion and imparts joy. Here’s why Ah-Ha Moments are one of our favorite things about the brand. In fact, the topic is one of 10 X-Factors we’re celebrating this year as part of our 10th Anniversary. 

"...when you're looking at a piece of furniture and falling in love with it... and then you open the door or drawer and there's something inside that just takes you by surprise!" 


“Ah-Ha Moments are all about the unexpected,” says Melanie Dunn, Caracole Product Design Specialist. “It may be a special feature, a unique mix of materials or a creative name—they’re some of the little touches that make Caracole unique.” 

Caracole Catch A Glimpse

More than just a stunning accent piece with a gorgeous starburst motif in its mahogany top, the Catch A Glimpse table creates an Ah-Ha Moment in any space. Its clever design includes a lower mirrored shelf that reflects a stunning painting on the underside of the table’s top. Delicate chinoiserie painted cherry blossoms peek out of the bottom of this table as you walk by it. A hand-carved scalloped apron, brass banding, and Gold Bullion ferrules complete its appeal.

Caracole Awesome Blossom


Ah-Ha Moments are particularly meaningful when they offer something never before seen. In Awesome Blossom old world meets modern-day with a stunning chest that brings beauty into the third dimension. Look closely and you’ll see its brilliant gold-leaf façade features a floral motif brought to life with beautiful Swarovski crystals strategically placed in the center of a few key blossoms. “We handpicked the shades of each of these crystals and placed them so the piece almost winks at you as you walk by,” explains Melanie. 

The beauty of these special touches is that they make you think: "How clever, I wonder who thought of that?"

Caracole I'm Shelf-ish


Thoughtful design touches are also a source of meaningful Ah-Ha Moments. It might be a hidden storage compartment in a chest, a lined jewelry tray in a dresser, a drop-down work area in a cabinet or a finished shelf at the back of a sectional that includes a power outlet so you can charge your devices. The beauty of these special touches is they make you think: “How clever, I wonder who thought of that?”

Caracole Oyster Diver


Luxurious touches are found throughout the Caracole line and have come to be a favorite feature over the years. Opening a drawer to find it’s not only fully finished—but it also features a gorgeous pattern hand-selected to complement the piece—is always a source of delight.

"That's when the magic happens. It's an ah-ha moment for us too!"

Caracole Nailed It


Interestingly, many of these special design elements emerge organically during the design process. Like artists working with an extraordinary palette of materials, finishes, and options, they mix and create as part of the process. “A lot of Ah-Ha Moments happen when we’re ‘playing’ with the products,” says Melanie. “That’s when the magic happens. It’s an Ah-Ha Moment for us too.”

Caracole Catch A Glimpse


DEXTERTON CORPORATION: THE FINEST FURNISHINGS FROM EUROPEWhat makes a truly elegant home are the thoughtful details and the character in design that bring warmth, personality and a sense of place to barren spaces and empty walls. Helping you to transform your house into a fitting home – from the ground up, from the outside in – is Dexterton Corporation.Dexterton, the Philippines’ premier source of top-quality building materials and imported home furnishing products, helps to bring your ideas and style inspirations to life through its extensive brand offerings.Founded in 1962, Dexterton Corporation, then known as Chesterton Industrial Corporation, was first established as a local hardware store along Rizal Ave., Caloocan. Seeking to give customers more choices and variety, Dexterton brought in brands from Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, among others – that offered better quality and design than those available in the market. In time, Dexterton’s business grew to include industrial hardware, bathroom fittings and wares and home furniture.Today, Dexterton carries over 100 international brands across 11 major home product divisions such as hardware, building materials, plumbing, lighting, flooring, home and office furniture, commercial and retail fixtures, janitorial and cleaning equipment, consumer and sustainable products.“Dexterton Corporation is a pioneer and has been an industry leader for over 50 years. It was the first to bring in the best and finest home products from Europe to the Philippines. Decades later, we continue to expand our services and products, providing only the best to our discerning clients,” shares Dexter Go, Dexterton’s Vice President. “Today, Dexterton hopes to not only make quality European brands more accessible to the market, we also want to inspire others to finally build the home of their dreams.”On October 15, 2016, Dexterton proudly unveils its newest mixed-use Showroom and Residential Building at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Occupying three floors and almost 2000 sqm, the showroom offers beautifully curated spaces where customers can seek home styling inspirations, as well as find the brands that will meet their exacting standards.At the Ground Floor, find all you need to elegantly furnish your bathroom suite. Italian brand leader, Gessi, offers an array of bathroom faucets, bath and kitchen taps that speak of modern design and durable quality, while Hansa showcases innovative sanitary fittings from Germany. Laufen brings renowned Swiss detail and German design to their lines of water closets, lavatories and tubs. See as well the modern touch of Kohler, a leader in sanitary wares and fixtures, which are displayed along with the contemporary and dynamic designs of Inda Accessories. Emco’s high functionality and innovative design of bathroom accessories will delight those with more eclectic tastes.On the second floor, revel in the array of colors and choices, as here you can find the collections of artisan tiles for your home and everything inside. Inda Progetto – with its intuitive modular approach in design – give you complete solutions for your bathroom. Artelinea, Falper and Glass Design, on the other hand, help to elevate your spaces with luxurious glass vanities, washbasins and elegant bathroom mirrors. Gruppo Treesse excites many homemakers with its line of Ghost System tubs and shower cubicles that help create a spa-like sanctuary in your abode. For the ultimate, modern indulgence, choose from Jacuzzi’s exclusive line of whirlpool baths and spa solutions.The third floor helps to fill in your other decorating needs with its wide scope of furniture and accessories. Caracole’s portfolio is a beautiful way to live and create a home environment that is nurturing and chic. Himolla, Germany's leading upholstered furniture manufacturer creates havens of calm, where functionality is carefully integrated into the furniture to keep your space beautiful. Störmer’s beautiful bespoke German kitchens are renowned for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, which enables our customers to create a custom made kitchen that suits her individual needs and preferences. Lastly, Blanco, a renowned German brand, will help lend that polished look to your kitchen, turning it from a common space into a stunning design piece.“We truly have the best of everything for your home! We invite everyone to come and check out our newest showroom at Dexterton Corporation Fort Bonifacio. We assure you, you’ll find something you’ll love as we have everything you’ll ever need. When it comes to transforming your house into a home, we are your one-stop shop and partner,” ends Dexter. 


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