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22 Jun 2021 by falmec

Integrated systems / Induction Hobs

Food, in Italy, means tradition and daily value, which Falmec transfers into its products, offering solutions that express this culture with taste, not just at the table.

Falmec has designed and created a range of products that integrate cooking and extraction in a single body, inspired by a concept of total minimalism, ergonomics, design, and high efficiency. Integrated solutions that incorporate all of the experience by Falmec in extraction, together with cutting-edge cooking technologies, creating products in tune with contemporary trends and lifestyles.

Fitted with powerful and efficient motors, but at the same time extremely quiet, Falmec integrated cooking systems guarantee optimum performance. Recirculation mode uses exclusive Falmec Carbon. Zeo technology, providing outstanding odor elimination and noticeably reducing cooking vapors.

Falmec offers a series of solutions and products designed to enhance the pleasure of cooking and being together. The cooking is combined with the aspiration with exclusive solutions that allow you to express yourself best in the kitchen, from every point of view.

About falmecFalmec has evolved from a small manufacturing company to a leading force both in the national and international market, gaining extensive experience in the design and production of cooker hoods. Cutting-edge research, flexibility in production, development of new technologies and original creativity endow the Falmec collections with a strong added value in terms of innovation, and a totally unique blend of design and cutting edge technology, reaching the highest levels of Italian excellence in the world.About Modernbrands IncModernbrands Inc. is a home solutions company in pursuit of tasteful living for the everyday Filipino, offering a wide selection of products to furnish your living space.Modernbrands’ curated collections and design expertise all under one roof, helps you achieve the pinnacle of tasteful living. We provide solutions to help you create your dream home with ease and convenience through our wide range of home improvement solutions.Our Interior Design Team, trained in the design of Italian kitchens, wardrobes, and closets, is ready to provide professional services and advice to our customers.From designing and creating Italian kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, closets, door solutions, and flooring, to loose furniture that is best in their category, our clients can talk to just one partner.


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