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Exclusive Retail Ideas from SILPO Ukraine

25 Sep 2020 by Freor

Would you like to step into a different retail world? A world where you can touch science fiction elements, observe famous painters’ masterpieces, get lost in a fairy tale, get entangled in a story of a book you once read, or find yourself in an intergalactic ship? Say no more! Ukrainian supermarket chain SILPO can take you to places you haven’t been before – in other words, it gives you an authentic, a museum-like shopping experience.

FREOR contributes to these exclusive projects as one of the leading refrigeration equipment suppliers for SILPO. Over several years, FREOR, together with its sales and service partner in Ukraine Restoria Group , has supplied refrigerated display showcases to a number of the exclusive design SILPO stores.

Retail design revolution

The supermarket chain is making the revolution in ordinary retail concepts and paves the way for new trends of store authenticity. SILPO put their best efforts to turn every new creation into something special – the walls become canvases, and all the decoration revolves around a theme, transforming the supermarket into a work of art.

FREOR is excited to contribute to exceptional supermarket designs and, together with Restoria Group, fulfill unusual requests. We have supplied SILPO supermarket chain with models of VEGA QB and ELISA QB serve-over range, JUPITER multideck range, and promotional merchandiser IDA range, tailored to specific client’s needs.

SILPO store in Vyshgorod city, located in an old industrial building, turned into an exceptional steampunk style supermarket. The theme emphasizes the importance of steam energy. Even if you are not a big science fiction fan, SILPO Vyshgorod will enrich your ordinary shopping experience. Just lift your head, and you will see a real mechanical aircraft held on the ceiling or notice that you are surrounded by the characters of Jules Verne and Herbert Wells’s work.

For art fans, SILPO in Kyiv’s Biloruska street leads across Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces and celebrates his life work. The store draws customers’ attention to sunflowers and blossoming almond trees paintings on the walls and starry night ceilings.

SILPO, located in Kyiv’s Bahhovutivska street, has a free ticket for customers to experience a picturesque island of Sri Lanka with depicted tuk-tuks, tea leaves and exotic animals. Another SILPO store in Kyiv takes customers to ‘Samson and Lion’ fairy tale, revealing the story about their unexpectedly arisen friendship. For cat-lovers, a must visit is SILPO in Hlybochytska street in a ‘Purkitty’ theme, where you can find giant balls of thread on the ceiling, nail scratchers instead of columns and lovely kitten pictures on the walls.

Walking around the SILPO makes you feel like you are in the art gallery or a museum – shopping becomes an exciting time instead of a household necessity.

SILPO on the spotlight

SILPO’s creative projects weren’t unnoticed. For the fourth year in a row, the European Supermarket Magazine (ESM) highlights SILPO stores for the original design and thematic concept idea in the ‘Europe’s Finest’ stores list. In 2019, the best innovative stores of the chain were Steampunk store in Vyshhorod, Wild West store in Stoianka village (Kyiv region), and Spaceship store in Kharkiv. In 2018, ESM awarded Le Silpo in Odesa, and in 2017 – Jamaican-style store in Brovary, Alice in Wonderland store in the Forum Lviv mall, and Loft-Punk store at the Lavina Mall in Kyiv. Marketing Director of SILPO Kateryna Oguryaeva says the company seeks to tell an interesting story for their customers and make their shopping experience more pleasant and filled with positive emotions.


SILPO, a part of Fozzy Group, is leading Ukraine’s supermarket chain. Founded in 2001, today, SILPO operates 260 supermarkets in 59 cities across the country. In 2014 it was decided that each new SILPO store will have a unique theme and design. This new concept was realized in a number of authentic store interior designs, which caught many eyes and continues to surprise and amuse the customers.

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