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New Green Refrigeration Project in Bulgaria

25 Sep 2020 by Freor

FREOR celebrates another green project – this time in Shumen city, Bulgaria. BulMag supermarket was refurbished with FREOR colorful refrigerated display cabinets operating on environment-friendly refrigerant R290. Hydroloop Glycol system was installed, guaranteeing ecological and economical chilling.

Simple solution for an economic chilling

BulMag chose conscious business development by welcoming green cooling solutions to its stores. Installed Hydroloop Glycol system, where water transports the waste heat to an outside dry cooler or directs it for reusage, means sustainability, flexibility, simple installation, low energy consumption and low investment costs compared to a remote refrigeration system.

The installation process allows the store to perform installation work at night and welcome its customers during the day. The system does not require a machinery room, which gives a supermarket more area to merchandise.

Products installed

The ~1000m2 area BulMag was equipped with open multidecks JUPITER LOW FRONT (10 units), serve-over counters VEGA SPACE S HG (5 units), self-service counters DIONA S H2 (2 units), all operating in Hydroloop system. They were complemented by plug & play promotional display counters IDA (2 units), chiller cabinets JUPITER VISION and JUPITER (1 of each unit), and heated showcases VEGA S HDV (2 units).

Did you know?

Did you know that propane-operated equipment is completely safe? Hydrocarbons deliver great cooling capacity with minimal charge sizes in hermetic compressors. Very low quantities guaranteed when used with Hydroloop system!

Planning to renovate your retail store? Contact us, and we will find the energy-efficient solutions for your business!

We are the only manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment in the Baltic countries that supply high-quality refrigeration solutions: cabinets, multidecks, freezers, and refrigeration units for the retail trade sector.We are distinguished by our wide network of representatives; therefore, we are successful in selling our products through our distributors in both Lithuania and the western area of the EU as well as CIS countries. FREOR quality is trusted by such clients as REWE, BILLA, MIGROS, DENNER, SPAR, and also big supermarket chains in Lithuania. OUR PRODUCTION PLANTSWe have two modernly equipped FREOR plants: a 16,000 square meter plant in Vilnius, Lithuania, and a 10,000 square meter production unit in Belarus, which operate in logistically convenient locations. FREOR employs a team of professionals, who know what a client needs and who are ready to assist in tailoring refrigeration solutions for each specific client’s needs. The newly built modern factory in Vilnius, Lithuania, marks a new stage in the company’s development. The increased production capacity will allow us to meet growing international demand and specific customers’ needs better.OUR ASPIRATIONWe strive to help our clients develop their businesses. Towards that goal, we develop quality, innovative, and energy-efficient refrigeration solutions for the attractive presentation of food products as well as the preservation of their best qualities.VISIONTo be the most reliable partner for the customer when choosing commercial refrigeration equipment and refrigeration solutions.MISSIONTo create value for customers by providing high-quality, reliable, innovative refrigeration solutions that allow saving energy resources and the environment.VALUESQualityFlexibilityEnergy-efficiencyEcology


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