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A Good Future Starts In A Good Classroom

07 Dec 2020 by Giorgetti

I’ll drink to that — a bottle of Hope in a Bottle, that is.

Maserati partners with Hope in a Bottle for the first time, aiming to inspire hope and fuel passion in young Filipinos, leaving a strong legacy for the future and the future generations. Maserati’s latest campaign “People of Passion” highlights a group of individuals whose passion brings excellence to their work, which in turn creates a ripple of change to the communities they touch. This is the perfect jump off point for the partnership between the two brands.

According to an article in PeopleAsia magazine, every centavo from the profits of “Hope in a Bottle” purified water is utilized by Friends of Hope, an organization established by Nanette Medved-Po (who is on the cover of the latest issue of PeopleAsia magazine) to build classrooms around the country. To date, nine million water bottles have helped build 37 classrooms for more than 7,000 students. Nanette was named recently as one of Forbes 2017 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia Pacific.

Maserati’s “People of Passion,” on the other hand, are select and distinct individuals who each have contributed their time, expertise and wisdom to their communities and are fervently passionate about making a positive change. Among these “People of Passion” are two teachers: Amina Aranaz and Loralee Baron-Soong. 

Through the evolution of its designs, Maserati has led the way in automotive fashion, with unique cars, elegant yet sporty, always with highly personal, distinctive lines. From the rounded, curvy, sinuous details of the brand’s early years, its cars gradually evolved to become larger, longer and more streamlined. It wasn’t just about beauty but designing excellence. These qualities of Maserati are the same qualities that are shared with Amina and Loralee, who are both also fashion designers.

Being the founders of SoFA (School of Fashion and Arts), Amina and Loralee understand the importance of education and providing more and better classrooms for young Filipinos all over the country. “Finding the right partner and team that understands our passion and shares our values was a challenge. It’s important to work with people who are working towards the common goal,” Amina says.

Loralee and Amina have seen the successes of their students. Some of their alumni have opened their own ateliers and have made a mark in the fashion industry. “This is a testament to our work in SoFA Design Institute. Just imagine the possibilities in doing this for more Filipino children in the country!”

Hope in a Bottle believes that a better life starts in the classroom. Classrooms are the spawning ground of future game changers and world movers. By partnering with Hope in a Bottle, Maserati hopes to spawn a new generation of people of passion.

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