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11 Jan 2021 by GT Stoneworks

Creating your Inspiration

Our render system offers a complete line of construction chemicals that creates architectural textures and finishes for outdoor and indoor wall applications.

No special equipment is needed to achieve our finishes. All finishes are easy to apply. No special skill required.

Developed to create the look and feel of cast concrete suitable for applications to interior walls, columns and ceilings. The finish can be polished, waxed or sealed to give a smooth sheen with various textured finish.

If you wish to learn more about our products, visit our website at www.gtstoneworks.com.ph. Please like and share our Facebook and Instagram pages @gtstoneworks.  

GT Stoneworks
GT Stoneworks
GT Stoneworks is one of the premier producers of Manufactured Stone Wall Claddings based in Manila, Philippines. Currently housing an inventory of 65 distinct profiles with unlimited color combinations designed to suit the needs for indoor and outdoor stone wall finishing. The finished products are used in residential and commercial applications and have been featured as one of the most innovative product lines in South East Asia. Our market, both export and local, continues to grow as customers bank on our consistent quality and reliable delivery schedule for all of their requirements.Aside from Manufactured Stone Wall Claddings, GT Stoneworks also offers a complete line of Natural Stone made from Philippine Marble, Slate, Quartzite and Granite. We have over 36 designs and patterns available for your next project. With an array of colors and textures offered, our Natural Stones can enhance your surroundings with clean cuts and a linear designs. We also carry stones and pebbles that are used for washouts and stone finishes quarried from our local and imported sources.Our Paving Blocks and Non-Skid Pavers are also available to complete your hardscaping requirements for your outdoor projects. Manufactured using hydraulic presses to achieve the correct thickness and hardness, our pavers are specified by top developers for consistency in quality and reliability in meeting your delivery deadlines.Our Fortress Admixture and Sealer division provides the adhesive technology and sealer protection needed to install our products. Our regular and heavy duty adhesives are popular with many of our retail partners as they bring quality adhesion and solid protection with their modern formulation. Our Diamond Sealer and Penetrator sealer, a water based sealer gives constant protection for our manufactured and natural stones.In one of the fastest growing decorative finishes for the concrete flooring industry, GT Stoneworks produces their own Decorative Concrete Stamping System. All products such as Color Hardeners, Antique Powdered Release Agents, Liquid Release Agents, Polyurethane Sealers, Anti-Slip Rhino Grip Additives, Stamping Tools and other Stamping Products are produced locally using imported materials. Our stamping tools are considered the most durable and its attention to detail is popular with many hardscaping contractorsManufactured using imported yarns from Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdom, GT Turfworks provides a viable alternative in finishing requirements for both indoor and outdoor settings, and for both decorative and functional applications. Using UV protected polypropylene and polyethylene resins, our artificial grass come in different colors, pile heights and density to address decorative and functional needs.Granite wall claddings is a finish that combines the modern designs of our wall claddings with the beauty and appeal of a granite finish. The colors and textures are replicated from actual granite slabs and are designed for residential and commercial applications.Nichiha Design panels are made in Japan and is made from fiber cement and recycled wood chips. All panels have distinct either modern, traditional or contemporary designs and come in a variety of colors made possible through advanced computer printing technology. They also comes with a patented self-cleaning finish called NICHIGUARD which has anti-algae and anti-fungalGT Claystone are bricks are assured of strong kiln-dried bricks that would last a lifetime. Gt Claystone comes in different sizes and applications for both walls and floors. Clay bricks have been used to decorate homes and buildings for more than a hundred years in the Philippines. With clay bricks, the maintenance is very easy and requires little cleaning and the color does not fade even after long exposure from the sun.


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