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Hyundai Elevator Won The Gold Prize of If Design Award

16 Sep 2019 by Hyundai Elevator

Hyundai Elevator won the Gold Prize of iF Design Award

Hyundai Elevator won the Gold Prize of the 2017 iF Design Award with its near-future elevator concept design titled ‘ANYVATOR.’ The iF Design Award is a design award of International Forum Design of Germany and recognized as one of the most prestigious design awards there is. Hyundai Elevator won the Gold Prize in the 2017 edition of iF Design Award with its ANYVATOR. ANYVATOR is designed to have a large screen display that has a multi-touch feature, so that multiple users may designate the floor they want to travel to at the height of their eyes. Hyundai Elevator’s parking signal device was awarded the main prize too. The parking signal device facilitates intuitive recognition of information by applying color, text and graphic

Hyundai Elevator
Hyundai Elevator
Hyundai Elevator Services Philippines pioneered by Hyco Industrial Sales Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. Korea, specializes in the provision of vertical and horizontal transportation systems.The company’s products and services include the design, installation, maintenance, and modernization of elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Furthermore, the company is also the authorized after sales services company, which feature preventive maintenance, call backs, and sale of Hyundai Elevator spare parts.


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