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23 Sep 2019 by Inewvation

Last year, Inewvation International introduced two new additions on its product line: InVue, for in-store solutions and INNCOM by Honeywell, for hospitality solutions. This 2019, as it continuously showcases its expertise in the digital technology industry, Inewvation International brings another brand for in-store solutions in the Philippines— Gunnebo.


Who is Gunnebo?

Gunnebo has been in the industry for over 250 years now. Established as Gunnebo Bruks Nya AB in 1889, the company later became known as Gunnebo Industries which headquarters is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today, Gunnebo is a worldwide leader in security products, services and software with offerings focusing on Safe Storage, Entrance Control and Cash Management with over 25 countries reach.



Gunnebo Cash Management

Gunnebo’s Cash Management Solutions provide products for security to facilitate the flow of cash and related data in cash handling chains. These include banks, retailers, and cash-in-transit (CIT) companies. Gunnebo’s Cash Management solutions offer products for cash transfer, cash deposit, cash recycling, coin roll dispensing and the management of cash handling processes.


Cash Deposit - Front and back office cash deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling. Challenges like shrinkage, robbery, staff and customer safety, administrative procedures, reconciliation and reporting are successfully covered and easily managed with Gunnebo’s Cash Deposit. Retailers can save time, energy, and money through solutions designed and tailored for their needs.


Cash Recycling - Self-service terminals to improve management of cash for retailers. Constantly circulating, cash needs to be managed effectively and flow easily and smoothly. Cash Recycling solutions improves cash cycle efficiently and safely.


Closed Cash Management - A secure way to handle cash efficiently and remove cash differences. Cash management can be much simpler, safer, and efficient with Gunnebo’s designed closed cash handling system that improves processes and enhances the experience of those who deal with cash regularly.


Software – Software solutions accessible from desktops, tablets and mobiles. CashControl is Gunnebo’s integrated online management tool that allows all cash management units to synchronize, regardless of the configuration, and provide real-time information of all cash operations. It also connects to the CIT systems to optimize pick-up and delivery routes. This will help retailers, banks, and CITs to monitor, track, and secure all cash operations in the stores.




An additional to its roster of state-of-the-art technology solutions, Inewvation International now brings us Gunnebo, the one to trust when it comes to efficient, cost-effective, insightful, and secured cash cycle. Inewvation International indeed leads the Philippines to digital innovations whether for Digital Displays, Hospitality or In-Store.


To know more about Inewvation International, follow us on our FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Since 2011, Inewvation International continues to lead developing cities to digital innovation carrying its core --- quality is everything.


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