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About Jameca

JEA STEEL Industries, Inc. is a Filipino-owned company manufacturing world-class light gauge steel profiles for drywall partitions and suspended ceiling assemblies, t-runners, hat-type and c-purlins, corner-beads & door jambs framings.

Produces premium quality products that are attune to the needs of the consumers.
Supports the global movement to preserve our environmental by taking the lead in manufacturing environment-friendly products.

JEA STEEL SLITTING SERVICES – With its powerful Overhead Crane and Slitting Machine, we can now accept slitting of coils to different widths for clients who manufacture automotive bodies, appliances, water tanks, long-span metal roofing and decking materials, metal framings, etc.

Our customers will greatly benefit not only because we produce lightweight, termite proof and environment-friendly JEA-MAXX Light Steel Framing but also for its cost effective advantages compared to fire-hazard, conventional wood-frames – attributes which made Jea Steel Industries, Inc. stands-out and makes us Naturally At Its Best!

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