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About Kessel

Would you like to find out what makes KESSEL unique in the international drainage technology market? Get to know our company and its history.

Since 1963, KESSEL has stood for innovative and safe drainage technology like no other company. Over the decades, we have established ourselves as a trendsetter in the industry and are now an international premium provider. Our drains, backflow stops, lifting systems, pumps and separators are used in over 60 countries - regardless of whether it is a question of discharging water, treating wastewater or protecting against backwater: when the best solution is required, there is no getting around KESSEL .

About Company

Kuysen began its legacy of luxury in 1989 as a small industrial hardware store in Caloocan. After almost 30 years of dedication to quality, innovation, and service, the hardware store has evolved to become a household name in luxury furnishings.

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