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About Koinor

Whoever wants to talk about the future must first know about the past. Behind every success are dedicated people with a wealth of ideas who want to create something together. And behind every success is a vision pointing towards the common path to the future.

After more than 65 years, we look back on our beginnings, on the progress of our company - from a single upholsterer to one of the most important upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. At the same time we give an insight into a company with a solid past and a promising future.

Today the company considers itself a function specialist which combines innovative technology with the contemporary-modern, design-accentuated language of form. From its modest beginnings KOINOR has developed into one of the most prominent makers of upholstered furniture in Europe. The company occupies approximately 55,000 square meters of space distributed over 4 sites. Approximately 650,000 square meters of leather and approximately 200,000 running meters of fabric and microfibers are processed per year.


Cedarside Industries, Inc. stands tall and humbled by the trust it has taken care of from customers for the past 2 decades. Established in 1996, its purpose was to introduce interior space products that are of high quality measuring up to the needs of its clients. Today, Cedarside Industries, Inc.has expanded to providing 6 product lines – Fabrics, Blinds, Laminates, Wallcovers, LED Lights and Furnitures.

Each day at Cedarside Industries, Inc. is largely shaped by product development and research to match the materials that comply to the client’s desires. Prices are meticulously determined to match the property’s market segment.

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