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Megashor : RMD Kwikform Builds Disabled Access to Sensory Garden

13 Sep 2020 by Megashor

A team of RMD Kwikform employees, part of the Interserve Employee Foundation (IEF), has helped a riding school that caters to people with disabilities to build a 66 metre long concrete path and develop a sensory garden for all of its users.

The Gartmore Riding School wanted to help the children that ride at its stables to be able to enjoy the outdoor world, and opted to do this through the development of a sensory garden. This would let them see the colours, smell and even touch the plants in the garden, which were donated by other businesses. 

Despite torrential rain preventing the original plan of a truck running concrete into the path coming to fruition, the team from the IEF were able to approach local wheelbarrow suppliers and get the plan back on track. With the extra wheelbarrows, the RMD Kwikform employees were able to move the concrete across the muddy field manually and spread it themselves. 

Commenting on the Gartmore Riding School story, IEF spokesman Ian Taylor said: “This was a fantastic project that really saw a lot of local businesses pulling together to create something for a very worthy cause. We had support from the Wallsall Wheelbarrow Company, Haemmerlin Chillington and Bulbarrow, who supplied the wheelbarrows, not to mention B&Q and Homebase, which supplied the plants and bulbs and Lafarge who provided concrete. 

“It was great to see so many RMD Kwikform employees who are in the IEF battling through the stormy weather to support a project that will make a big difference for the children visiting the Gartmore Riding School.”

United Kingdom
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