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How is Plywood Made?

23 Jun 2021 by MLIM

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to understand the process of making plywood. Here is an info-graphic to satisfy your curiosity.

How is Plywood Made?

MLIM is a five star plywood that underwent ISO, FSC, and CE certified manufacturing process which strengthens its quality, giving you an excellent usage and savings.We are dedicated and committed in providing the best and quality plywood. Over the course of history, our company, under Youcheng Trading and Figvelstand Corporation, has developed its product line and started to distribute premium plywood to cater the demand in the construction industry.  MLIM is the strongest and toughest of materials in our product line. It has an excellent compression strength and can be used multiple times. In a short period, we have received a positive feedback about our products, making it become highly recommended.


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