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Northern Cement Bunong Braso

16 Sep 2019 by Northern Cement

Northern Cement
Northern Cement
Located at the frontiers of the historic domains of Pangasinan and the renowned plateaus of Cordillera is the only Filipino owned cement company, envisioned and realized by its great forefather, politician turned businessman, Mr. Eduardo "Danding” Cojuangco, incorporated on February 10, 1967 as Northern Cement Corporation.The strategic location offers ample limestone and shale deposits which comprises bulk proportion of raw materials for cement manufacturing, thereby making the company live for the next centuries and continue giving livelihood for generations to come.Approaching its 5 decades of being a partner in building the nation’s dreams into reality, Northern Cement Corporation, with its growing population of 482 personnel from both plant and head office, continues to create its own dreams, search for innovations and developments in its resources to keep abreast with the trends of the industry and demands of the market.


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