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About Offisynergy

Established in 1998, OffiSynergy Inc. was incorporated to serve the requirements of innovative and distinctive clientele with modern office systems equipped with technologically-advanced and superior designs.

Our initial principals included premier office systems manufacturers - KI-Krueger International (USA), ADD (USA) and Diethelm Furniture (Malaysia/Singapore). These companies maintain a proud tradition of innovation in the commercial, office and institutional furniture markets.

The turn of the century saw major developments in design innovations, not only in office systems but especially for dining furniture. We were one of the first companies to introduce these to the corporate level to satisfy the growing need for fresh concepts and ideas. Thus, our product base expanded to include a whole new line of furniture for dining requirements, for which we have created a specialized niche in the market. Some of our notable international supplier manufacturers for this type of furniture are Kian (Malaysia/China) and Sdawy (China).

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