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05 Jul 2022 by Onduline


Onduline offers over-roofing solutions: in other words, a roof over the roof to avoid leakages and improve the comfort inside. We also call this method reroofing or roofing over an existing roof.

How is reroofing possible?

The first step is to cover the existing roof with battens and then place the tiles or shingles on the battens.

This is the only constraint. Once this step is done, there is no need to reinforce the existing structure or to fix the existing breaches or leaks.

The new roof can be installed straight away.

Why opt for Onduline reroofing solutions?

There are a lot of reasons to opt for a reroofing solution. The first that comes to mind is the time saved and the solution's sustainability.

In some buildings, renovating or replacing the roof means that the activity inside the building has to stop. At crucial times of the year or for security reasons, this is sometimes impossible. For houses, the over-roofing solution allows the family to remain at home while the works are being done – no need to move elsewhere during construction.

In those scenarios, roofing over an existing roof is a very practical and convenient solution, and sometimes the only one applicable.

Roofing over the existing roof: what about asbestos?

Onduline over roofing solutions is compatible with existing roofs with or without asbestos.

In the case of an existing roof without asbestos: a classic over-roofing installation with drilling will be used.

In the case of an existing roof with asbestos: an innovative method that does not require drilling, called ONDUCLAIR RENOV, will be used.

WHO WE ARELaunched on the French market in 1944 by Gaston Gromier, Onduline was a family-owned business until it was sold to private equity funds in 2006. Specializing in innovative roofing systems, the group has been growing since then, leading the market for lightweight roofing systems. Today, we operate in more than 100 countries and employ about 1,450 people around the world. This enables us to better understand market needs and address them with the right solution.WHAT WE BELIEVE INOnduline believes that our actions have an impact on others. We are therefore all focused to deliver what we commit to our customers and employees. We say what we do, and we do what we say. We care about people. It’s the way we think and act.​ We put people first: the safety of our employees and the protection of our customers. From innovation, to supply chain, finance, and customer service, we are all mobilized to serve our clients as well as we can.OUR GOALWe focus on building​ long-term customer relationships that are founded on trust. Customers, suppliers,  partners, employees, and end-users can all depend on us to provide a quality solution that meets their needs.​ ​We want business between us to be straightforward and useful. So, we make a point of being reliable and open.  


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