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18 Sep 2020 by Patsum

Noise proofing is more than just a trend

Some people think of noise proofing as a fashion statement while many assume that its only relevance is to ensure privacy. Although the above mentioned are some of its notable benefits, recent research findings have unearthed a strong correlation between noise proofing and the preservation of human health. For an adequate insight into the role of noise proofing, it would help to consider the profound havoc noise pollution causes to human health. While the general public is well informed on a host of health issues and their causative factors, they are completely oblivious on how noise pollution impacts their lives.

At this juncture, the big question is how does noise pollution affect human health? In addition to causing irritation and grumpiness, noise pollution has been shown to have a damaging effect on the mental, cardiovascular and physical health of humans.

Noise pollution has been shown to prompt the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers hypertension, damages blood vessels and create a host of cardiovascular issues. Living near the road or living in the bustling part of a city has been shown to reduce people’s life expectancy. Traffic noise and other related problems have been associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks.

When it comes to mental health, noise pollution deals a dangerous blow as it has been associated with a host of mental issues. Research findings indicate that noise pollution has a debilitating effect on the cognitive process. This inevitably reduces productivity while increasing stress and confusion. Noise pollution can heighten stress response in a way that causes general illness and impaired health.

Noise annoyance comes from different sources; from traffic in the surrounding areas, construction noise to inconsiderate neighbors that are wrecking havoc on your physical, mental and emotional well being. Here are the stages of noise-induced emotional progression. Level 1: As the noise begins and is relatively quiet you start to get a bit irritated and curious to identify the source of the auditory pollution. Level 2: As noise continues and gets louder, you will then begin to feel annoyance, tension and frustration. Level 3: As the noise gets worse still, some may react with hatred and hostility, while others may feel depressed, helpless and tired. Consequences of noise pollution are low levels of workplace productivity, feeling drained due to sleep deprivation, strained relations with neighbors, unstable emotions resulting in anger outburst and a whole lot more.

Having explored the injurious effects of noise pollution, it becomes clear that noise proofing provides more than just privacy and sophistication. In an increasingly busy, intrusive and noisy environment, Noise proofing is the pathway to a saner and healthier existence.  

Call us now so we can solve your noise issues. 

COMPANY HISTORYKassel International Trading Corporation was incorporated for the purpose of providing top quality insulation products to the Philippine market.   Our company is an accredited importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and reseller. We cater to various segments ranging from the industrial, construction, transportation, retail, and government to marine and shipping industries. Our products are sourced from factories noted for their uncompromising quality standards and professionalism. VISIONOur vision is to be the number one provider and supplier of Thermal, Moisture, Fire and Acoustic Insulation materials and solutions in the country. We see ourselves as partners in nation building and envision ourselves to be a premier player in this industry in the years to come.MISSIONOur mission is to deliver healthy, energy efficient and comfortable environments by providing the right insulation materials to reduce noise pollution, control excess moisture, mitigate fire risk and lower energy cost in residences, buildings and industrial sectors. Next is to enrich our stakeholders ensuring that we are able to satiate and fulfill their needs. Lastly, and the most important of all is to glorify God, the Almighty through our business.CORE VALUESHonesty and Integrity in doing Business; Professionalism; Respect for our Employees; Ambition and Excellence in all that we do; Always Quality for our Clients.


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