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18 Sep 2020 by Patsum

Insulating your office, building or home has never been simpler than it is today. Not only are there numerous insulation materials to choose from, you will also find different installation and application variation choices available in the market. When we talk about insulation, the term R-Value is usually brought up; one that is vital to the very fabric of this technology.

R-value also referred to as “thermal resistance” is a calculation of the amount of resistance a material has to heat flow. It allows you to know how well a certain material blocks the heat. The higher the R-Value, the more effective an insulation is. R-Value is dependent on the type of insulation material, its density and its thickness. The thicker the insulation material, the more effective it is in resisting heat flow. Same is true with a higher density material. A thinner insulation material with higher density can be equivalent to a thicker insulation with lower density in its insulating effectiveness.

There are numerous factors that can affect the R-Value of an insulation material. One is aging. This is the primary reason why insulation materials need to be replaced every few years. As the material ages, it loses its thermal resistance and its insulating properties diminishes over time. How long would depends on the quality of the insulation material. A good quality one would last longer before needing replacement while a poor-quality material would not even last for a few months. At worst, a cheap insulation material is like not having any insulation at all and just money wasted. Second factor would be moisture. A wet insulation would lose its insulating value fast, henceforth it is imperative that an effective cladding material like aluminum foil is used to protect it from getting wet. Last would be compression. This is mostly applicable to the fibrous insulation category. Materials like fiberglass wool would increase its R-Value per inch up to a certain level but the total R-Value does decrease. For example, R19– 6 inches fiberglass wool would have an R-Value of 3.1 per inch but if you compress this into a 4-inch stud wall you would get R14, or 3.5 per inch. Much higher R-Value per inch but the overall R-Value has decreased from R19 to R14. This is another reason why you should always go for higher quality insulation materials with strong rebound rate vs an inferior one which would sag when compressed or worst is already sagged prior to installation which is equivalent to zero insulation and wasted investment.

To sum it up, the higher the R-Value, the more efficient and better it is at insulating and improving the energy efficiency in your homes, buildings and offices. Our brand Patsum provide you better quality insulation products at the right price. 

COMPANY HISTORYKassel International Trading Corporation was incorporated for the purpose of providing top quality insulation products to the Philippine market.   Our company is an accredited importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and reseller. We cater to various segments ranging from the industrial, construction, transportation, retail, and government to marine and shipping industries. Our products are sourced from factories noted for their uncompromising quality standards and professionalism. VISIONOur vision is to be the number one provider and supplier of Thermal, Moisture, Fire and Acoustic Insulation materials and solutions in the country. We see ourselves as partners in nation building and envision ourselves to be a premier player in this industry in the years to come.MISSIONOur mission is to deliver healthy, energy efficient and comfortable environments by providing the right insulation materials to reduce noise pollution, control excess moisture, mitigate fire risk and lower energy cost in residences, buildings and industrial sectors. Next is to enrich our stakeholders ensuring that we are able to satiate and fulfill their needs. Lastly, and the most important of all is to glorify God, the Almighty through our business.CORE VALUESHonesty and Integrity in doing Business; Professionalism; Respect for our Employees; Ambition and Excellence in all that we do; Always Quality for our Clients.


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