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Izvor Station, Bucharest Metro, Bucharest, Romania

08 Sep 2020 by Penetron

The Izvor Station on the M1 (Yellow) and M3 (Red) lines of the Bucharest Metro is in the middle of the city: close to the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest Veterinary University, Gheorghe Lazar High School and Cismigiu Gardens. The station is part of the first Bucharest Metro line built in what was once the Izvor neighborhood on the right bank of the Dambovita River.

Being a shallow construction, Izvor station does not feature a vestibule. Instead, all ticketing machines are located on the track level, positioned centrally in the station. The south- and northbound platforms are connected by a single passage that runs beneath the tracks.

Opened on November 19, 1979, Izvor station was in operation for 35 years when water leaking through some of the construction joints in the tunnel section increased noticeably during rainy days. The situation became so severe that repairs were scheduled.

Despite the application of conventional repair materials, the construction joints continued to leak. Finally, a solution using PENETRON INJECT was accepted to seal all voids in the construction joint areas and stop all water flow into the tunnel.

The renovation work included opening and cleaning all treated joints. As a next step, holes were drilled into the joint to insert injection hoses. All surrounding areas were repaired with PENEPLUG, a fast-setting, crystalline repair compound. PENETRON INJECT was then injected under pressure into the concrete. Once PENETRON INJECT had set, all injection points were sealed, and the joint surface was covered with two coats of PENETRON.

Despite the challenging underground environment at Izvor station, all leaks into the tunnel were permanently stopped.

Izvor Station, Bucharest Metro, Bucharest, Romania

United States
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