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The Importance of Safety in Wiring

26 Feb 2021 by Phelps Dodge Philippines

Electricity is a part of our daily grind. We rely on it every day; in our homes and work places. No nation can survive without the power of electricity. A nation’s progress relies in the power of electricity that runs into the veins of our communities.


But when we talk about electrical safety, what comes to your mind?


Avoidance of fire incidence or of being electrocuted?


According to the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), there has been an increase in the number of fires and deaths for the year 2018 – 16,382 incidents from January 1 to December 11 from 15,848 incidents in 2017.

The BFP noted that the top three causes of fires are faulty electrical connections as the leading cause, followed by lighted cigarette butts and open flames due to torches.


It is indeed important to have a regular electrical inspection in our communities and work places to prevent casualties or serious injuries.


When installing electrical wires, safety should be the primary concern. Looking for a registered electrical practitioner and using quality wire is a must and Philippine Electrical Code (PEC) must be followed at all times. PEC is used as the basis for safeguarding persons, buildings and its contents from hazards that may arise from the use of electricity.


As the saying goes, “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.” – Author Unknown


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Phelps Dodge Philippines
Phelps Dodge Philippines
In 1955, amidst a boom in the Philippine economy, the Andres Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) forged a partnership with Phelps Dodge International Corporation (PDIC). The merger brought together a common goal between the two corporations: to provide the highest quality standards in electric wire and cable products and build strong relationships with the customers, companies, and industries they serve.The result was Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation (PDP).Today, Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation is a leader in the Philippine electric wire and cable industry, providing state-of-the-art products and solutions that facilitate communication and information technologies, move transportation and progress onward, and power up the nation.At the heart of this corporation lies a firm commitment—to provide safe working conditions for its employees, embody a sense of environmental responsibility, give back to the community, and most of all, to continuously provide world-class quality products and solutions for its customers who, for decades, have trusted the safety and security of their homes and businesses to one name: Phelps Dodge Philippines (PDP).


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