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Enlivening city squares: A new vision for Catherinaplein

17 Dec 2020 by Philips

"The beautiful design  really works. And we have been very pleasantly surprised by the uniform light distribution of a system that adapts to people, rather than the other way round. Also, the lighting can be dimmed directly and controlled completely online.”  -Arthur Noordhoek, Lighting Project Manager, Eindhoven Council

Enlivening city squares:  A new vision for  Catherinaplein

  Customer challenge

Enlivening city squares:  A new vision for  Catherinaplein

Catherinaplein square was in trouble. After a previous refurbishment had been unsuccessful, weakening local business, a new approach was needed. How could light help turn Catharinaplein into a safer, happier, more prosperous place?

The right lighting

Enlivening city squares:  A new vision for  Catherinaplein

Catharinaplein square was ready for a change. Positioned between Dynamo, the youth entertainment centre, and Stratumseind, the longest café street in the Netherlands, it was an important area for local commerce. However, a refurbishment in 2008 had failed to improve the area. The square was left lacking atmosphere, and the limited space for movement left it unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians to share. As a result, adjacent shops became unpopular and some were left empty.

Light helped clear a path to prosperity. FreeStreet lights were suspended across the square using only four perimeter masts, instead of traditional lampposts. Thanks to this new floating system, there was room available to create a cycle path and to add trees and benches, creating a more communal atmosphere. We were able to install the suspended lights at the optimum height so they were not obscured by the tree branches. As a result, light is shined in every direction, improving visibility for everyone.

The innovative light system also makes things easier for the city council. CityTouch controls mean that every LED can be operated individually, enabling the ambience to be easily shaped. The lights turn on instantly as no warm-up is required, and they can be easily dimmed for low-light conditions. With a new look and a welcoming atmosphere, Catharinaplein is back in business."

Eindhoven was the first customer to use our new FreeStreet technology. Not only do the lights keep Catharinaplein free of obstacles, but they have reduced energy consumption by 10% compared to the previous system.

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