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Pioneer Adhesives takes care of its people amidst crisis

09 Sep 2020 by Pioneer

Technology News PH|Pioneer Adhesives takes care of its people amidst crisis|Presently, the entire Luzon, along with other cities and provinces in the country, is under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) because of the COVID-19 virus. Many businesses and families have been seriously affected because of this pandemic.

In the thick of the global crisis, Pioneer Adhesives Inc., (PAI) continues to stand strong for and with its employees, who received a heartfelt message from their Chairman and CEO, John Spakowski II, stating the following as support for them and their families: salary continuance without charging against the earned leaves for the year 2020, advance crediting of salaries even before ECQ was announced, and during the quarantine period, financial assistance in terms of advance disbursement of half of the 13th month pay, deferral of company loan deduction, i.e. company salary loan and HMO amortization.

According to Mr. Spakowski, “Management takes to heart one of Pioneer’s core corporate values, which is ‘Warm the Heart’ or malasakit”. He further adds, “As the nation pulls itself together in fighting COVID-19, Pioneer is doing its best to take care of its family.”

The pandemic did not stop Pioneer in giving service to the community as well. They are continuously working with partner suppliers to provide adhesives and sealants used for producing aerosol boxes. Hospitals need these to protect their frontliners

from positive and suspected cases of COVID-19. Aerosol boxes are used to reduce the risk of contamination when physicians perform endotracheal intubations while facilitating chest ventilations, and to obtain swab specimen for testing. They are also donating Thermochests (styrofoam coolers) to hospitals, which are used as containers when transporting specimen samples for testing for COVID-19.

Presently, the total donation value has reached PHP 335,000.00 worth of Pioneer Mighty Bond, Pioneer Mighty Seal, Cyno, and Thermochest. These will be used to make 3,000 aerosol boxes care of different partner suppliers. They are coordinating additional efforts with partners to see how Pioneer can provide more assistance to the community. If you have a need for their products and it can help in the fight against COVID-19, please feel free to contact them through [email protected] or visit their Facebook page @PioneerAdhesivesPH.

In the midst of the challenges our country is facing, Pioneer reminds everyone that we are “Tatak-Matibay.” We Filipinos, do not give up during crisis situations. Rather, we remain strong, courageous, and united in fighting our battles.  

A Filipino-owned manufacturing and distribution company committed to give its customers in the Asia-Pacific region, through excellence in service, reliable industrial and household adhesives, sealants, specialty coatings, insulation, packaging and other products.Now celebrating more than 50 years in the industry, RCI's well-known Pioneer brand of adhesives include epoxies, cyanoacrylates, plastic resin glues, rubber cements, and white glues, among others. The sealants and coating range covers every major type from butyls and acrylics to urethanes and siliconesState-of-the-art insulation and packaging products are manufactured using polyurethane foam and expandable polystyrene. Its Fiesta brand is a byword in styropor products. RCI services its national and international markets through various well-trained and experienced selling groups. Nationwide, the Trade Sales Department directly services thousands of wholesale and retail outlets which cater to end-users, tradesmen and do-it-yourself (DIY) groups. The industrial users are attended to by the Industrial Sales Department while the Export Sales Department efficiently services the requirements of foreign markets.The construction / real property markets are serviced by Pioneer Specialty Building Systems Inc. (PSBSI). A wholly-owned subsidiary, PSBSI promotes and provides architects, contractors and property owners with effective and reliable weatherproofing, floor coating, sealants, adhesives, cladding and insulation systems and services.Since its inception in 1958, Republic Chemical Industries, Inc. has always kept its vision clear. Today, RCI is a multi-million dollar enterprise committed to developing fully its key resource - its people - to be responsible, responsive and involved individuals to ensure the continued realization of its vision and to welcome tomorrow's challenges.Vision:We will be the elite adhesives and construction solutions company that consistently achieves profitable growth by doing it right to masterfully serve its customers whilst caring for its community and the environment.Mission:As a Dynamic multinational and construction solutions company, we commit to doing things right by: - Exceeding customer expectations through process excellence and innovation; - Living our corporate values of teamwork, integrity, malasakit (compassion), and excellence. - Continually promoting sustainable development; and - Achieving quality and profitable growth objectives. 


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